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The story of One Piece It has given to talk and not just because of the different forms of Luffy or the rivalry that began between Sanji and Zoro. Something more recent made fans go wild: Yamato’s introduction that sparked controversy on social media.

New reports in the Vivre Cards of Eiichiro Oda, creator of One Piece, confirmed that Yamato identifies as a woman, which caused surprise for many fans, since the hero within the manga was convinced to be a man like Kozuki Oden since it used the traditional masculine pronouns, in addition to simulating the clothing and similar symbols of Oden himself.

Both Luffy and Kaido and others characters of One Piece they used pronouns like he and she to refer to Yamato, that is, they used both the masculine and feminine for the character. This caused fans argue on social media about gender identity, in which some want changes in the story to be more inclusive and others prefer to continue respecting the identity of the hero, however, many are not very convinced yet.

Yamato will make an appearance very soon | Source: Toei Animation

Let us remember that it is not the first time that the gender identity of the character is questioned over and over again, since from the beginning of the story it was revealed that Yamato is the son of Kaido, the leader of the Beast Pirates and who claimed to have a male descendant. Given this, the followers of One Piece They were confused when Yamato proclaimed himself Kozuki Oden, a male character and former commander of the second division of the Whitebeard Pirates, as well as a member of the Roger Pirates.

Before Yamato’s presentation, the story did not pay attention to his gender, but once his identity was clarified, it would be necessary to see how the story changes when things are resolved in the arc of the War for Wano.

It should be noted that all the Vivre Cards are not in the public domain, but the Soul Storm Op Twitter account was in charge of translating these reports in the first instance, so that in this way it was possible to make Yamato’s gender identity known. .

In the series of anime Yamato will be unveiled in September, so there are high expectations as to whether he will be unveiled with his identity confirmations. gender or there will be no changes.


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