Ruined One Piece? This is the connection between Monkey D. Luffy and Joy-Boy


Some say that this makes GODA’s story “bad”

The latest chapters of the One Piece manga have brought some of the most interesting revelations for the franchise. East article will contain spoilers from 1044 to 1046if you haven’t read them yet, we recommend doing so at MangaPlus by Shueisha. But, if you have already done so, surely you are aware that the fight between Luffy and Kaido has brought a new fight between the fandom: Is it a good thing that our captain is now a legend?

Following Luffy’s apparent defeat at the hands of fallen in One Piece, it was revealed that our protagonist was able to awaken the true power hidden within his Devil Fruit which unlocks a new form that began to unleash a whole new level of strength, which also had a connection to Joy Boy, the legendary hero during the Void Century.

Fans have been wondering, due to how the legendary figure has been referenced, whether or not Luffy had essentially become the Joy Boy of the new age, but the most recent chapter of the series explains that Luffy has not become this figure, but has become like them. It is not a title that can be transmitted… at least not yet.

One Piece chapter 1046 begins with Zunesha reacting to Luffy’s resounding heartbeat and the fight with Kaido, and while he had noticed that Joy Boy had returned when Luffy first awakened to his new power, it’s a bit different now. Zunesha begins to reminisce about the fact that it’s been quite some time since he’s heard this particularly rhythmic beat and mentions that it’s like Joy Boy is “right there” in front of him. Noting that he feels that fate is at work, he is now putting all of his trust in Luffy. So it’s not that Luffy has become Joy Boy, and necessarily won a title, but he has become that figure.

This news has been well received by a part of the fandom that points out that this has been one of the most important One Piece events in recent years. And, not for less, because it clarifies why the World Government and the Navy were so involved in stopping the awakening of Monkey D. Luffy’s devil fruit.

Luffy’s problem being Joy-Boy in One Piece

Although much remains to be learned about the ramifications this may have on One Piece, one thing is clear: Not all of the fandom is happy that Monkey D. Luffy has gone from being a “nobody” who made a name for himself through his efforts and work to a successor to the title of Joy-Boy., a legend by decree. However, this perception is somewhat biased by a fear that our protagonist is now “OP” and his growth was relegated to the background.

If you’ve ever been around the Star Wars fandom you’ll know that one of its most intense debates has been whether or not Rey, the protagonist of the last trilogy, revealing that she is a Skywalker ruined the final films of the franchise or not. This same fear seems to revive in One Piece, as it has been shown that Monkey D. Luffy is a minor pirate who, with the force of will and love for his dreams, faced the Navy, Kaido and some of the strongest pirates in the franchise. without hesitation.

But, unlike the Star Wars saga, One Piece can be sustained with and without this reveal. Luffy will not stop being this charismatic character in whom his crewmates place their trust because they have turned his dream into their own.. Also, given the physical wear and tear of taking on this new form of his devil fruit, it is unlikely that it will become a recurring technique like Gear Second or others.

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