Sailor Moon movies and more episodes of One Piece arrive on Netflix during June 2022 | EarthGamer

Netflix It has just revealed the news that will arrive on its platform for the month of June. In addition to jewelry for everyone, as the third season of The Umbrella Academywill have some surprises for anime fans, which will surely be worth it.

To begin with, this month will be especially striking for fans of sailor Moon. during June Netflix will add Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon S: The Movie Y Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Supers The Movie: Black Dream Hole. Just like the anime Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon R.

Yes sailor Moon is not your thing, and you prefer pirate adventures, you will be glad to know that Netflix will add more episodes of One Piece. Will be from June 22 when you will be able to continue this anime with the adventures of Luffy and company along the Great Line.

Bastard is one of the animes that will arrive on Netflix in June
Source: Netflix

In addition, June 18 arrives Sprigganan anime based on the homonymous work of Hiroshi Takashige. In case you don’t know him, here we follow an organization that makes sure strange alien objects don’t fall into the wrong hands. It could become one of your favorites in the catalog of Netflix.

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To close the month On June 30 we will see the arrival of the new adaptation of bastard!!. This new anime film will introduce a whole new generation to the dark fantasy world of Dark Schneider. The manga on which it is based is already quite a few years old and is considered very influential. It even served as inspiration for other works such as Berserk Y bleach. You should give it a try.

In addition to anime, Netflix has unmissable content for June

Of course, for Netflix not everything will be anime for the month of June. The third season of The Umbrella Academy It will be another of its important additions. Together she will have the sixth and final season of the London drama, Peaky Blinders.

As if that were not enough, we will have a new sports drama starring Adam Sandlerwith the name of Claw. A science fiction film called Spider’s head. This is starring our dear Thor, Chris Hemsworth, and will take us on a story involving emotion-altering experiments. Will you enjoy any of the Netflix releases for June?

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