Sales of One Piece finally exceed those of Dragon Ball in France

According to 2021 sales figures from publisher Glénat, Luffy and his friends have done much better than Son Goku and crush the competition.

What is the best manga of all time? This is a vast question that could launch a debate of several hours or even days. Between dragonball, One Piece, naruto, Attack of the Titans, Akira, Astro Boy or Berserk, the list is so long that the problem could only be resolved after a very long study. For example, who from Son Goku (dragonball) or Luffy (One Piece) has the best universe and the best adventure?

The Pirate King stronger than the Super Saiyan

Akira Toriyama’s manga is a cult work in the eyes of many purists, but the latter’s pirate tales have helped Eiichiro Oda become one of the most respected mangaka in the business. Aware of the power of the brand, Netflix has even embarked on the adaptation of a series One Piece in live action. While waiting to discover the result of this project as expected as it is feared, Luffy has just taken a good ascendancy over the Saiyan Son Goku. A few days ago, the figures for the best sellers of all time from the publisher Glénat in France were revealed and, for the first time in France, the number of volumes of One Piece sold exceeded that of Dragon Ball Z.

With 5.6 million copies sold in 2021, Eiichiro Oda’s manga has now reached 29.6 million sales, thus becoming the publisher’s best-selling manga in France ahead of dragonball. Akira Toriyama’s manga has sold 26 million copies since its release, including 1.8 million last year. Considered as monuments of Japanese culture, the two works have more than 20 years of existence behind them but seem to survive new generations. Competition and new arrivals are however very frequent, and it is enough to turn to certain publishers to see it, but One Piece and dragonball always seem to dominate by their power and their timeless history.

Two leaders who continue to dominate the competition

If Sangoku and Luffy have again pulverized sales, the latest figures from Glénat are also an opportunity to note the good performances of other manga. Figures that confirm France’s ever-increasing appetite for Japanese comics. Thus, after the two cadors, we find tokyo revenge which, with 1.2 million sales, completes last year’s podium. A great performance for the manga written and drawn by Ken Wakui, whose launch dates back only to 2017.

Then, there are two other great classics that we find, with Berserk (1 million copies sold), then Dr Stone (814,666). The latter has also just ended with a final chapter published at the end of last week. For the record, the “all times” ranking of Glénat, namely the best sellers of all time, is quite similar since we find in order One Piece, dragonball, BleachBerserk and Tokyo Ghoul for the Top 5.