Sand Land: Movie or series? Get to know the first details of the anime

Know all the details of the anime adaptation of Sand Landmanga series created by Akira Toriyama.

Akira Toriyama published in the year 2000, for just 3 months, a manga titled Sand Land and that, for a long time, has been the author’s hidden gem, until an anime adaptation was recently announced. It has even come to be considered a cult work by fans of the author of Dragon Ball.

In the 14 chapters that the series has and that are compiled in a single volume, which is available in Spain thanks to comic planet, Toriyama tells an adventure story in which there is a disparate trio leading, made up of an old Sheriff, Beelzebub himself and an old friend of the latter. The three of them must find the hidden Ghost Lake, which is the only source of drinking water in a desert world after the last existing stream dried up.

As we told you before, recently we were able to learn that an anime was already underway to bring Sand Land to life. At the last Jump Festa 2023, one of the most important anime events in the world, organized in Japan every year by the Shueisha publisher, more details of this work were released, including a teaser trailer. Next, we detail everything new from the Sand Land anime.

First details of the Sand Land anime: release date, series or movie, teaser…

Let’s start with the teaser trailer that, as we told you, was released at Jump Festa 2023 or, rather, prior to it, as a small preview of all the announcements that were coming at the event, such as Jujutsu Kaisen season 2 release date either what Eiichiro Oda thinks about the live-action of One Piece.

This teaser trailer begins with the illustration that we could see at the end of the previous preview, where it was announced that this project was underway and that more details would be given at Jump Festa. Afterwards, we are shown a small scene where we see animated for the first time the leading trio of the work and how they are attacked by a great being, something like a giant sand worm.

Something that stands out from these first images of the anime is its animation, which is completely in 3DCGI and, in addition to this, with a style traced to that of the recent film ‘Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’, in which, let’s remember, he was very involved the author of Sand Land, Akira Toriyama. Finally, we are shown the release date, which will be next 2023, most likely in the summer, since we have just been shown the first preview of the project.

Before seeing this trailer, it was said that the project was going to be a video game, given the involvement of Bandai Namco. Now, after seeing the preview, this idea is ruled out, although the question remains as to whether the Sand Land anime will turn out to be a movie or a series. Now, thanks to the press release, this has been confirmed.

Akira Toriyama Sand Land

More specifically, we must look at the French press release, where it says the following: “The project will be released as an animated film co-produced by the Sunrise studio, Bandai Namco Filmworks, Kamikaze Douga and ANIMA.” That is to say, it remains confirmed that this Sand Land anime is a movie, something that could be deduced given the short duration of its original work, only 14 chapters.

Finally, we must emphasize that the press release also mentions this: “The Sand Land project has several partners to create a wide variety of content and develop Sand Land as a complete franchise.” This means that, in addition to the movie, Sand Land has all the ballots to be adapted into a video game or other types of products.

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