Sanji and Duval: let’s remember the best joke of One Piece

Eiichiro Oda’s work may have very exciting fights, shocking action sequences and dramatic moments capable of making us cry, but there is no doubt that much of its success is mainly due to comedy and humor. It wouldn’t matter how skilled Luffy and his ‘mugiwara’ pirates are if they couldn’t make us laugh so much. That is why we will take some time to remember what we consider the best joke of one piece And for this we have to talk about Sanji, his ‘wanted’ poster and his relationship with Duval, the man in the iron mask.

This article contains spoilers for One Piece episodes 386 to 388, it reveals the true identity of Duval and what his relationship with Sanji is.

In episode 386 of one piece we met a new and intimidating villain: Duval, the man in the iron mask. When he discovers that the mermaid he is chasing was rescued by the Straw Hat Pirates, he says that he has been waiting for them and that he is “going to kill the man who changed his destiny”.

The Preparation of the Joke: The Duval Mystery

At that point we do not know who Duval really is or which of the crew of the Thousand Sunny is the man he refers to. This is when the preparation of the joke begins and there are already two elements in operation that demonstrate Oda’s genius for comedy.

First, we do not know that we are before the preparation of a joke, which is key for it to be so effective. In second place, take advantage of the clichés of ‘anime’ so that viewers think that it is something different and let’s not wait for what will happen. Everything indicates that Duval belongs to the cliché of the ‘mysterious but familiar villain’. That is, it will eventually be revealed that he is a character that we already knew.

This idea is supported by the presence of Hachi (Hatchan) in this episode. He is a character that appeared in the Aarlong Park arc and although it is not immediately clear who he is, his silhouette is unmistakable. The return of a familiar character causes the viewer to consider, even subconsciously, that Duval’s identity is linked to someone they already know.. Due to its size, it is possible to believe that it is Don Krieg, from the arc of the Baratie Restaurant.

The big reveal is coming

The mystery continues to build during the following episodes of one piece. In 388, titled “The Truth of Duval Unmasked”, he finally revealed that his anger is directed at Sanji. At that moment viewers are already trying to remember all the enemies this character has faced during the almost 400 chapters of the ‘anime’, trying to figure out who the mysterious Duval could be.

Duval continues to increase the mystery by giving clues about it, even revealing that “it is something recent”, which keeps the audience on edge. What is this mystery that they cannot solve? The Straw Hat Pirates themselves represent viewers at this point, talking about how confused they are about it, and further reining in a joke we don’t even know exists yet.

The moment of greatest genius comes when Luffy says that he managed to see under his mask and recognizes his face..

Sanji and Duval's Wanted Poster: Let's Remember One Piece's Best Joke

This is the strongest point of the preparation to crack the joke and the reason why we consider it the best of one piece. Oda is using all the tricks that his series and other ‘anime’ usually use when they get close to giving a big reveal. It is impossible not to expect something shocking.

And then we see Duval’s face in the middle of a speech loaded with kitsch and melodrama.

The punchline

The setup was masterful, the way he distracts us from his target is perfect, and the punchline is a complete surprise. It’s a perfect joke and yet there is another element that makes it even stronger: The Duval joke began over 60 episodes ago in one piece!

In the last chapter of the Water 7 arc, the wanted posters of all the Mugiwara pirates are revealed and Sanji’s is the ugly and inaccurate drawing that we all know so well. This is a joke in itself that works quite well because it makes fun of Sanji’s vanity and his obsession with women. It was impossible to think that this prank was just the first part of an even bigger and more effective prank..

When these ‘wanted’ posters reappear during the Oz (Oars) showdown in the Thriller Bark arc and Sanji gets mad again at the sight of them, they’re not just reinforcing the earlier joke for an easy laugh, they’re reminding us of it. in preparation in preparation for Duval’s appearance.

Sanji and Duval lets remember the best joke of One
Sanji and Duval’s relationship in one piece is an example of a well constructed joke

Throughout the more than a thousand chapters and episodes of the ‘manga’ and ‘anime’ of one piece, Eiichiro Oda has made us laugh countless times. Some jokes are better than others, and there’s no denying that some are pretty clumsy, but Sanji’s joke and Sanji’s ‘wanted’ poster demonstrate the sheer comic genius of this author and his mastery of finding the answers. laughter from his readers.

The reward posters in one piece always bring moments of humor

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The new rewards of Zoro, Luffy, Sanji and the other straw hats, at the end of the third act of the Wano country arc, we must wait for the release of chapter 1053 and 1054 of the ‘manga’ of OnePiece.

During the events of chapter 1053 and 1054 of the ‘manga’ one piece New rewards for Luffy, Sanji, Zoro, the rest of the Straw Hats will be revealed. This revelation, along with bounties from other major characters, can be used as a comedic device by Oda. However, the fact of joking with this news of the characters does not mean that some rewards are not of the utmost importance for the events that currently occur in the end of the third act of the Wano country arc, in chapter 1053 and 1054 of the ‘sleeve’ of OnePiece.

1655255939 763 Sanji and Duval lets remember the best joke of One
What will be the new rewards of Luffy, Sanji and Zoro, which will be shown in chapter 1053 and 1054 of the ‘manga’ of One Piece?

The revelation of these new rewards for Sanji, Zoro, Luffy and the other straw hats in chapter 1053 and 1054, which will be released at the end of July, is going to be the trigger for a series of funny reactions from their fans. characters. If you want to know when the ‘manga’ of one piece or want to know some ‘spoilers’ and theories of chapter 1053 and 1054, we recommend you read the following article.

When does chapter 1053 and 1053 of the ‘manga’ come out? one piece?

Chapter 1053 of the ‘manga’ of one piece will be available in the 30th issue of Weakly Shonen Jump, which will ship on Monday, June 20. From that moment, the pause or hiatus that the author of the work will take will begin. The ‘sleeve’ of one piece will return in the 34th issue of Weakly Shonen Jump magazine, with chapter 1054, which will go on sale on July 25, 2022.

one piece can be seen in Colombia through subscription services Netflix, hbo max Y Crunchyrollalthough the episodes of the Duval joke are still not available in some of them at the time of writing this note.

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