Sanji censored in One Piece live-action? This change that despairs manga fans

Sanji’s inappropriate behavior has no place in the series One Piece from Netflix. The recent statements of Matt Owens, showrunner of the live-action, will not please the unconditional fans of the cook of the crew.

The One Piece live-action series multiplies the controversies

It is an adaptation eagerly awaited by fans of the manga ofEiichiro Oda. Netflix is ​​currently working on filming the live-action of One Piece absolutely titanic budget. The American streaming giant does not skimp on the means to please the followers of the adventures of Luffy, enough to make people forget the trauma of the movie Death Note.

But while the first images of the series and the sets have been unveiled, the casting itself has given rise to many controversies. Some choices are hotly contested in the community of aficionados of One Piece. And the reviews aren’t expected to fade anytime soon after the showrunner’s latest revelations about Sanji.

This personality trait of Sanji will be strongly erased in the series

The showrunner Matt Owens, at the head of the project One Piece at Netflix, was recently interviewed on the content of the series and in particular on the screen representation of the best cook in manga, Sanji. The latter, in addition to his undeniable talents as a chef, dedicates a very pronounced passion for the fairer sex. A born seducer, this personality trait has no place in live-action, says Matt Owens:

“He loves women, he’s always flirting, but of course his eyes don’t turn into a heart on screen, but more importantly he’s not as much of a ‘simp’. You can’t lose that part of him, but it is lighter.

Although integral to Sanji’s character in the manga, the cook is seen by some as a pervert, sometimes bordering on sexual harassment with borderline acts. A behavior that definitely does not pass in an adaptation that is intended for all audiences.

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