Sanji, from One Piece, unleashes his “Diable jambe” in this brutal statue carved in wood

Sanji unleashes the temperature in Woodart Vietnam’s new creation with his “Diable jambe”. Luckily the fire is also made of wood.

that in the world of manga and anime each time it gathers more followers around the world it is no longer a surprise to anyone. Series like Dragon Ball, Naruto or Attack on the Titans, among others, have laid the foundations for a faithful sector that devours the stories that come from Japan.

One of the greatest exponents in popularity has been, is, and will probably continue to be One Piece. The pirate story of Eiichirō Oda (Oda Eiichirō) started in July 1997 in the pages of the Shonen Jumpand it is still in publication.

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They are almost 22 years of adventures for the Straw Hat gang in his search for the treasure that gives the story its name. But, that has not prevented all the protagonists from having their moments of brilliance.

An example of this is Sanji Vinsmoke (Vinsmoke Sanji), the cook of the Straw Hat pirates. Sanji was the fifth member to join the crew of Monkey D. Luffi.

His uncontested style of black leg, a type of combat with which his lower extremities are true lethal weapons, is one of his many virtues. One of the most brutal attacks he has performed is the Diable jambe, or Devil’s Leg.

Friends of Woodart Vietnam they have wanted to emulate that fighting style in an amazing statue of Sanji carved in wood. These masters of the Vietnamese art of carving are characterized by shaping wooden blocks like characters from anime, manga and movies in general.

While not the most complicated statue Woodart Vietnam has done, the level of detail on Sanji’s own body is, as always, impeccable.

The trailing flare effect follows the character’s right foot, raised in the air and ready to lash out at anyone who speaks ill of their kitchen.

What do you think of the carved wooden statue of Sanji? Would you like Woodart Vietnam to carve a specific character out of a block of wood?