Sanji unleashes a new power in One Piece chapter 1034


This article is about One Piece chapter 1034. So turn around if you’re not ready to learn more about l’arc Wano !

One Piece Chapter 1034 has been released, and it’s soberly titled “Sanji vs. Queen ”. We are in the midst of a battle between the Straw Hat Pirates and the Hundred Beast Pirates under Kaido’s control. Each member of the Straw Hat crew has their own challenger. As for Sanji, he’s in the middle of a fight with Queen. As the latter responds with movements of the Sanji brothers, this one opens access to what could be his full power.


Sanji, a chef like no other

Sanji is not just a simple cook. Originally, it was known as Stealth Black and was part of the Vinsmoke clan, the armed wing of the Germa Kingdom and its ruler. During his fight against Queen, he reveals that he studied the science of the Vinsmoke family, and that he masters the techniques of the Sanji brothers. He goes so far as to confront him with Germa 66 techniques like Henry Blazer, Winch Danton and Sparking Valkyrie.

Sanji, although having a horror of everything that connects him to his clan, uses the power of Germa 66. In chapter 1034, the cook, launches a hitherto unknown attack. He combines his “exoskeleton, muscles and speed, which all increase his strength”. The whole thing gives his legs “increased robustness” and covers them “with more fiery flames than ever! “. Means that put Queen in difficulty, sending her waltzing in an explosion. Is this new move from Sanji the ultimate manifestation of his power? Will that be enough to defeat Queen? Chapter 1035, scheduled for December 19, will tell us more.

The end of One Piece

One Piece, is a work that is almost 24 years old. But, she keeps reinventing herself between each arc, while staying true to her beginnings. This allows him to stay in the top of the best manga in the world.

Eiichiro Oda, its creator, expressed the wish to end One Piece within the next five years. By then we will surely have enough details about Sanji’s full potential. It would also be interesting if his past was also explored, in order to allow him to make peace.