Sanji’s maternal family and his connection to the Gorosei!

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We know all about Judge, but we don’t know much about Sanji’s maternal family.

Who was Sora?

We believe Sora was a mad scientist and not just that she was the creator of the raid suit. Judge is more of an expert in human cloning and gene therapy, in the North Blue there’s a comic series called sea hero Sora about a GM superhero who fights Germa 66.

What we don’t understand is that there is a comic on Germa 66 and the hero has the same name as the woman? It can’t be an accident.

Sanji destroyed the raid suit in Wano because he rejects that side of his personality, but he forgets that his whole family isn’t bad, there’s still his mother. It would be appropriate to find out that she created a raid suit, but Judge corrupted the technology and Vegapunk will reveal the true raid suit Sanji will take to pursue his mother’s will.

The question is who is writing this comic and why?

Another question is why did Sora marry Judge? Maybe Judge wasn’t that bad back then or maybe Sora was more bad and it was Reiju’s birth that made her good, but either way, she ended up marry Judge and have his children.

In Wano Queen revealed that he absolutely hated Judge and that he built Vinsmoke powers on himself to prove that he was superior to Judge and that he wanted Sanji to wear the costume to confirm that, the question is to know why he hates Judge so much?

We think the answer is that Queen loved Sora, but preferred Judge over him. Queen can’t stand being rejected by a woman, as he showed by attacking a prostitute who had faked an illness so as not to be with him.

So why would Sora marry Judge? Like we said, maybe she was more evil back then or maybe Judge wasn’t as evil.

Judge has a softer side

It was just with Sanji that he was mean. Maybe Sora married him back when Judge was good and his obsession didn’t take over and his dark side didn’t show, but either way, she did. married and had his children.

On the cover of chapter 1070, it seems to us that Sora can be seen next to Judge.

At first glance, you could tell she looks more like Stussy, and yes, she looks like him.

The only problem is that Judge met Stussy. They are at the same table and neither seems aware of the other.

So that leads us to say that she’s not Stussy, but why would Oda make her look like Stussy anyway? What if Stussy and Sora were actually sisters?

This brings me back to the issue of marriage. What if there was a third option? What if she had married Judge not for love or because she was more evil. What if she was a Cipher Pol agent and the wedding was just a way to keep an eye on Judge?

This could be why the hero of the comic book series is called Sora and why he looks like a CP0 agent.


If true, Stussy would be Sanji’s aunt, and when you look at Sanji, you can tell he looks like a CP9 agent.

At the time, it was believed that Sanji came from a family of assassins and eventually it was discovered that he was a Vinsmoke. If you think about it, Sanji would make a good assassin or a good spy.

  • Throughout the series, Sanji has shown his ability to analyze a situation and find a way to solve it in the easiest and fastest way possible. In the small garden, he came across Mr 3’s base and answered a call from Crocodile.

Crocodile assumed it was Mr 3 on the other side and started talking. Sanji quickly took the opportunity to impersonate Mr. 3 and confirm that the Straw Hats had died along with Vivi, so that Crocodile wouldn’t continue to send forces after them. And honestly if they hadn’t met Bon Clay, the crew could have done more damage to Crocodile’s plan. Later in Alabasta, Sanji lured Crocodile away from the casino and snuck inside to save everyone.

  • In skypiea, Sanji stuck on the ship and tampered with the engines which slowed it down before coming back up to save Ussop and Nami.
  • At Ennies Hall, Sanji parted ways with the crew and headed for the train station saying that if the others failed to save Robin he would be there to board the train and he was right.
  • On the train, as Sanji tried to move from one carriage to another without a fight, he decided to take a chance and entered one of the carriages pretending he belonged and that the others thought he was an agent. He walked past everyone who was looking at him confused and he was about to get to the end until one of them stood up and said he wasn’t an agent and jumped at him above.

Later, Sanji sneaks out again and eventually finds the Gates of Justice and closes them, allowing the Straw Hats to escape.

  • During this time, while running, he was one day trapped and, with no other choice, out of sheer desperation, Sanji started sky running and learned to walk in the sky on his own.

It’s like Sanji was born to be an assassin, which he technically was.

Which leaves us with the hardest part to sell, but who is the last missing member of Sanji’s family? We believe it’s the blonde-haired Gorosei.

One of the Gorosei is Sanji’s grandfather

blond gorseil

Although a celestial dragon, we believe the Gorosei weren’t born celestial, they became celestial as part of their cover.

If you look at the Gorosei, they look different from the typical Celestials, they’re scared, they were in costume, and they’re smart.

We would like to launch an idea. What if the Gorosei weren’t Celestials? Was it a specially trained branch of the Cipher Pole, CP10, or a more advanced group of CP0? These five are the best of the best, the five most important members whose role is to play heads of government, perform all minor duties, and serve and protect Imu sama, the secret and true leader of the group.

This Gorosei is a member of the Cipher Pol. A former agent, he eventually found out about this huge secret and became one of the elders. He may be the one who started the Sora comic, not that he wrote it himself (but you never know), but rather that he had the idea to create a series aimed at North Blue kids to make them hate Germa 66 and love the Marines. It worked for kids like Law and Drake, but since his potential daughter is the former queen, he may have had Sora written as a superhero fighting the villainous Germa.

In summary

The Blond Gorosei was an elite agent whose two daughters joined the Cipher Pole under his guidance. Sora, the eldest sister, who happens to be a genius, has been assigned to spy on the madmen, this new group of scientists who stick their noses in the wrong places.

Sora joined the crew and ended up helping Vegapunk design the plans for a raid suit, either as part of her mission or due to her own choices, she fell in love with Judge while rejecting benefits from Queen, eventually the madmen became a threat and the government decided to take Vegapunk and prosecute him. They ended up separating. Caesar went to Punk Hazard with Vegapunk, Queen became a Beasts Pirate, and Sora and Judge got married and left to found the Germa Kingdom.

Judge ended up wanting super human children and created Reiju in Sora’s womb.

But later, when the boys were in her womb, she decided she didn’t want her children to be like this and made sure to take medicine that she hoped would save them at the cost of her life.

Other than Sanji, this plan failed and Sora grew sicker and sicker over the years until his death.

The news reaches the Gorosei who mourns his daughter the same way Sengoku broke down upon learning of Corazon’s death.

Out of spite, he commissioned a series of comic strips to promote the government and make it seem like Germa was evil, but he had the series named after his daughter.

Stussy grows up and eventually becomes a member of CP0.

And that’s Sanji’s maternal family.