Satis makes us fall in love with her own One Piece Nami cosplay

The cosplayer community has a large number of themes from which artists and models can be inspired, anime and manga series are one of the favorite choices of various cosplayers from around the world, so today we will delve into a dedicated characterization to the One Piece anime.

Something that seems quite curious to us is that the female character of Nami has positioned herself as one of the most successful choices by cosplay models, and today we show you a cosplay that has really captivated us, by showing us a version of Nami really striking.

This Nami cosplay was done by the beautiful model, Satis, also known as a_satan_el on her official Instagram account, so you can jump in and check out some of her most recent work, like this Nami cosplay, which in The truth will steal the eyes of more than one fan.

The model plays one of the key characters from the famous Eiichiro Oda series, a theme that has been especially popular among cosplayers for several years now. The character in question needs very few introductions being one of the most famous in history: present practically from the beginning of the adventures in the Straw Hat crew.

Her appearance has undergone various variations, especially in terms of style, but also in terms of complexion and general appearance since the woman has matured after the time jump, so she later appears with long hair and a more adult appearance.

Satis’s version is the one seen in the Wano story arc, in which the girl is dressed in traditional Japanese style in a light blue kimono and floral prints, in this case complete with a silhouette that would make any fan of the game fall in love. anime. She may not be the most iconic version of Nami, but the model manages to reproduce the beloved female character perfectly.