Screams, throwing popcorn: the preview of “One Piece” in Marseille disrupted by fans

This weekend, the film adaptation of the manga was screened in preview in France. A film eagerly awaited by fans, who became euphoric in front of the final scene.

An event eagerly awaited by “One Piece” fans. The film adaptation of the famous manga was released in preview in several cinemas in France.

Euphoric fans

In Marseille, La Joliette cinema screened “One Piece: Red” this Sunday. A session that turned into chaos.

This is one of the final scenes that made fans euphoric. Some spectators got up, stripped their torsos and ran into the hall and in front of the giant screen.

On social networks, many videos have been posted. Couldn’t hear the movie behind the screams and throwing popcorn. While some are enthusiastic about the enthusiasm aroused by the film, others denounce “big nonsense”.

The police headquarters indicates for its part that the police have not been called. Nevertheless, it specifies that if offenses have been committed, the police are at the disposal of the managers of the cinema for possible filing of complaints and investigations.

A phenomenon essentially linked to previews

With its 25 years of existence, “One Piece” is one of the most popular manga of all time. More than 100 volumes have been published, adapted into more than 1000 episodes in its anime version.

“There is this kind of excitement and excitement for all the previews of Japanese animated films derived from large manga licenses”, explains Jérôme Lachasse, culture journalist at

“It’s a film that was highly anticipated, because there must be revelations in the film around the character of Shanks, a very mysterious character in the manga, continues the journalist. As there is expectation, the people in the room are extremely enthusiastic.”

Nevertheless, Jérôme Lachasse does not expect this type of behavior for the classic sessions, which will begin this Wednesday, August 10.

“I think that, despite everything, these are still phenomena linked to previews. There are all the fans who come to discover the film before everyone else, and there is a particular energy that we find in a lesser way in traditional sessions.

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