Seiko x One Piece is the collection of watches with which to feel like one more pirate

The clock house Seiko has teamed up with one of the most successful manga and anime titles to create a collection with which fans will feel like their favorite characters.

The collection One Piece x Seiko, which will arrive in November, will have five Seiko 5 Sports watches inspired by different characters from the series: Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, Law and Sabo. The essence of the protagonists, combined with the street style, leaves us a collection that any lover of watchmaking will want to have.

Each Seiko 5 Sports will have details of a character both in the dial as on the strap. Thus, for example, that of Luffy has a design that resembles the vapor that appears when you unleash the gears. Also, the bezel marks grow in size as Luffy’s strength increases when he increases the gears. And do not stop looking carefully at the watch crown, that has a brand like scar under Luffy’s eye.

Seiko 5 Sports Luffy

The zoro watch has its swords as main detail, that of Sanji is adorned with footsteps, representing his kicks in fights. The clock of Sabo presents flares, while that of Law use the specks of his hat to give it its final finish. They all have a small detail on the crown, a hidden D on the dial and a message on the back.





Each watch One Piece x Seiko will have a limited edition of 5 thousand units and will be available from November for an estimated price of 390 pounds (about 460 euros).

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