Shanks appears in a new sketch of the movie One Piece Film: RED

Shanks has a new illustration dedicated to the key character of the film One Piece Film: RED. Getting closer to the premiere of the film in Japan, the official account of the film of one piece on Twitter, he was given the freedom to share with his fans a new postcard where we can see “part” of the pirate known as “Shanks, the redhead”.

Part? It turns out that unlike the full body designs of the Straw Hats that we have seen over the days, this time the OP_FILMRED only shared a sketch where we can see half of the character… and as if it were a joke, it is half from the legs down (LOL).

So here’s a new take on Shanks the Emperor of the Sea! Could it be that later they will reveal the complete sketch to us? Or is there something about the redhead’s appearance that Toei and One Piece still want to keep secret?

Of course, when this movie hits theater screens in Japan, we’ll see more than just the redhead’s hairy legs. In the words of its author, Film: RED will be the first movie where Shanks has a star appearance, so many mysteries that revolve around the character could come crashing down with the premiere of this film. One Piece Film: RED plans to premiere on June 8, 2022. in Japan.

It has also been confirmed that in the next few hours One Piece Film: RED will release a new trailer, so we will have to be very aware of what happens this day with Shanks and One Piece Film: RED.


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