Shanks goes back to his young days with this female One Piece cosplay | Spaghetti Code

Before meeting him as one of the most important characters in all one piece Shanks made his series debut as a pirate who had been responsible for inspiring Luffy to become one, and thanks to this cosplay by alice_dias_c (Instagram) we can see the man known as “Shanks, the redhead” during his younger days.

Obviously the most noticeable features of this character is the color of his hair that earned him his nickname in the world and the huge “triple scar” crossing his left eye from top to bottom. However the first time we met Shanks we also learned that he was wearing the iconic Straw Hat that he inherited from Gold Roger and later entrusted to Luffy,

Photo: alice_dias_c (Instagram)

At that time Shanks already presented all the archetypes that a pirate possesses: Loud, adventure-loving and alcohol-loving. The latter very marked in particular since the introduction of him in Makino’s tavern or when he threw a party with his arch-rival “Hawk-Eyes” just to find out about Luffy’s first reward, who by then was already taking his first steps. in the world of piracy.

Like any good pirate, Shanks likes to throw parties for whatever reason (or none), but if time calls for it, he’ll put down the booze to show off his imposing status as one of the four emperors of the New World.

Photo: alice_dias_c (Instagram)

Despite being one of the most popular and powerful pirates in the series, this character remains a mystery inside and outside the history of one piece, but that could change very soon when the next movie in the series is released; after all the next tape of the mugis is named “One Piece: RED” along with several references to the redhead.

So this film, which is scheduled for release in June 2022, could clarify some mysteries of this character who is so important for the development of Luffy and the series in general.


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