Shanks’s daughter, Anya and HUNTER x HUNTER mangaka among the most talked about of 2022

The anime industry this year had great premieres, but the launch of Yoshihiro Togashi’s account surprised Hunterx Hunter fans and shocked Twitter.

The power of social media, particularly Twitter, played a crucial role in introducing anime to new viewers and fostering a sense of community among fans. But, What was the most talked about anime on Twitter? According to data collected by the Japanese website TrendAward, The main anime and manga hashtags used on the platform during 2022 are very different from what we would have thought at the beginning of the year.

The year began with two great animes: the second part of the last season of shingeki no kyojin and the beginning of a new arc of Kimetsu no Yaiba. Both were broadcast on Sundays, so it was possible to see the titles of the series and some characters in the trends as the most commented of the moment worldwide. For several weeks fans speculated about how the story of Eren and the Titans would end, to finally reveal to them that the anime would close with a third part that is still unknown when it will be released. While Tanjiro and his companions will return in 2023 with their third installment.

After the change of season, new productions had their debut in the anime industry, among which we found Chainsaw Man. Since its announcement, the story attracted the attention of anime fans who always made it a trend every time a new chapter was released. Another popular play this year was Spy x Familywhich with its spy plot and striking characters conquered viewers in Japan and around the world, so much so that it even aired two batches of chapters this year.

But not only stories about demon hunters, spies, isekais, among other subgenres, took over the industry. Since the sports anime once again gained strength and popularity among the public thanks to Bluelocka soccer battleroyale that, to the joy of fans, will continue to broadcast new episodes next season, that is, between January and March 2023. In addition, the “slice of life” also had outstanding productions such as Bocchi the Rock!a musical story about a girl with social anxiety that slowly built a huge fan base, even surpassing Chainsaw Man in DVD and Ble-ray sales.

Despite what was said about the aforementioned series, we must highlight the return of Gundam. The new series stars a woman for the first time in franchise history, a character that has attracted the attention of new generations and aroused the interest of old ones. But she wasn’t the only female character to capture the eyes of internet users, because the revelation that Shanks from one piece had a daughter impacted the fandom.

If we talk about anime, then we must also mention the manga industry, which this year did not go unnoticed on Elon Musk’s social network either. Especially when a mysterious Twitter account emerged one day in May to communicate that it was Togashi-sensei, the creator of Hunter x Hunter. Although at first there was much disbelief as to whether it was official, after days it was confirmed and fans were excited to learn that the popular work would return after four years on hiatus. Unfortunately, the joy disappeared last week when Shueisha revealed that it would go back on hiatus due to its author’s health problems and that it would stop being a weekly publication.

Here are the 3 most popular anime characters on Twitter according to the “Twitter Trending Awards 2022:

Erict Samaya’s Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury

Its protagonist is one of the reasons why this anime’s hashtag was the third most tweeted hashtag. Ericcht Mercury is a police girl who is a Mercury transfer student. She is the driver of the Gundam Unit Aerial, also developed on Mercury.

2. Uta – “Shanks no Musume” (Shanks’ Daughter) from One Piece Film: RED

One of the biggest events for the One Piece franchise in 2022 was the release of the hit movie “One Piece Film Red”, which centered on the story of Shanks’ daughter, Uta, who became ranked as the second most popular anime character on Twitter this year, as she seeks to overthrow the world after being abandoned by her adoptive father, Shanks. While the film itself generated a lot of buzz, it received mixed reviews.

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1. Anya Forger from SPY x FAMILY

It comes as no surprise that Anya Forger emerged as the top anime character on Twitter in 2022. As the adopted daughter of the show’s protagonist, Loid Forger, Anya is a mischievous young woman with the ability to read minds. Her popularity knows no bounds, and her influence even extends to other manga series. Fans can look forward to more of Anya’s adventures in 2023 with the upcoming release of the Spy x Family movie and season 2.

Shankss daughter Anya and HUNTER x HUNTER mangaka among the

Most Popular Manga Hashtag

3. Tokyo Revengers

The popular manga series created by Wakui Ken ended this year with a highly controversial ending.

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2. Tacopee’s Original Sin

In second place was “Tacopee,” a nod to the psychological horror manga “Takopi’s Original Sin.”

1672168608 520 Shankss daughter Anya and HUNTER x HUNTER mangaka among the

1.Yoshiro Togashi

“Togashi-sensei,” the creator of Hunter x Hunter, who returned this year to end the series’ hiatus and became the most followed mangaka on Twitter.

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