Shermie Cosplay Makes a Remarkable Version of One Piece’s Boa Hancock

If there is a character one piece that many miss and that is present in the world of cosplay is Boa Hancock. Also known as the Pirate Empress is one of Eiichiro Oda’s most attractive creations.

Whenever he appears, he gives a lot to talk about, especially because of his sentimental relationship with Monkey D. Luffy. Although it is fair to say that she is the one who thinks in such a way of Luffy.

The would-be King of the Pirates left a very strong impression on him when he visited the Island of the Amazons, Amazon Lily. He was the only one who didn’t fall prey to his petrifying powers.

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Hancock’s power is capable of turning almost anyone to stone. But in the case of Monkey D. Luffy this didn’t work, and all because there was no desire or malice in his heart. The above and the way he behaved impressed Boa a lot.

Shermie Cosplay Makes a Remarkable Version of One Piece's Boa Hancock
Font: Toei Animation.

In general, she tends to behave in a haughty and arrogant way with the people around her. The Pirate Empress thinks that everyone should pay homage to her for her beauty.

But when Luffy enters the scene, he changes his ways immediately. It is clear that she is in love with this young pirate and it is quite funny to see her this way in one piece. For the above and more, Boa Hancock is in the crosshairs of those who cosplay.

One Piece Boa Hancock Through Shermie Cosplay

The Boa Hancock cosplay that we are sharing with you now is a contribution of Shermie (@shermie_cos), and as you can see, it recreates well the appearance of this character from one piece.

Details such as the long, straight black hair as well as the snake-shaped earrings are present. The same can be said of her blue eyes and in this case it is thanks to pupils. As for her outfit, it is similar to the one that appears in the series.

Shermie Cosplay Makes a Remarkable Version of One Piece's Boa Hancock
Font: Instagram.

It cannot be fully seen due to the angle of the photo. But it seems that it is the black and white dress that he wears occasionally. Along the one piece Hancock wears multiple costumes, so that provides a lot of opportunities for cosplayers.

Although it’s fair to say that the Pirate Empress almost always likes those who have the same style. That helps to emphasize her slim and graceful figure.

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