Shexyo surprises everyone with an amazing fan art dedicated to Uta from One Piece

One Piece is one of the most beloved anime and manga series within the Industry and for several years we have been able to accompany Luffy and his friends on their way to become the king of pirates. With a large number of episodes available, we can see how he has achieved a large number of fans around the world, how could it be the case with some so talented who perform amazing tributes to his favorite characters.

Something that seems quite striking to us is that a talented artist has decided to dedicate one of his creations to the beloved One Piece fighting anime, more specifically to the female character of Uta, who has earned the title of being a world-famous diva, in the anime universe.

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One Piece requires no introduction within the anime industry, and it currently has a huge number of fans thanks to its unique characters. Best of all, this fan art was made by the talented artist, Shexyo and posted on her official Instagram account, where she has shown us how beautiful the adoptive daughter of Emperor of the Sea Shanks is.

The artist’s choice was the female character of Uta, who will leave more than one fan open-mouthed to see her in a truly striking style, which becomes a dream for red-bone fans of One Piece, by telling with the clothing that has stolen the most looks in its alternative versions.

Within the lore of the franchise itself, they tell us that Uta is a thin woman with long hair gathered in two braids of two colors divided vertically: having the right side reddish and the left side white (this part covers her corresponding eye). She has a long, thin nose and a wide mouth, as well as long legs.

She wears a simple white one-piece dress that ends with edges at the height of her neck with two large buttons and a black bow, white ankle boots with gold and pink details, an open sweatshirt divided into two shades of pink with large sleeves with stripes of different colors. colors, as well as golden helmets, and the talented artist wanted to show it to us from a much more provocative side.