Shonen Jump has just revealed the 2022 chapter schedule for One Piece

Every week, you don’t know if a chapter of One Piece will see the light of day or if the manga is on hiatus? The Shonen Jump has unveiled the release schedule for 2022. Decryption.

A pivotal year for One Piece

The year 2022 will be decisive for One Piece. In recent weeks, the chapters of the manga drastically change the vision of readers. A pivotal period is coming for the best-selling manga in history with many projects that will see the light of day. To start, the anime will finally resume after a month hiatus following a hacking that was more complicated to manage than expected. The Shanks-centric RED movie will also see the light of day at the end of the year, in Japan. And finally, the live-action series in collaboration with Netflix continues to move forward with the progress of filming. The actors frequently post snapshots of the production on social media.

If One Piece is already considered as the most popular work in the world, this year 2022 could open the field of possibilities to discover the adventures of the straw hat crew. Many neophytes are constantly rallying to try to discover what the treasure of Gol D. Roger may be.

2022 schedule revealed

As Luffy tries for the umpteenth time to defeat Kaido, Eiichiro Oda surely has a surprise in store for us to bring down the Emperor of the Seas, considered the most powerful creature in the manga. To do this, the Kumamoto native probably intends to decide the outcome of the fight within a few chapters. the Shonen Jumpwhich manages the publication of chapters and volumes, has unveiled the schedule for chapter releases for 2022.

Between the beginning of April and the end of December, there are still 27 chapters which will be published. A frantic pace, despite the fact that the famous mangaka takes a break a month. Probably by the end of the year, the winner of the Wano Kuni war will be declared. Do you think Luffy will succeed in bringing down Kaido?