Sign 6 new actors for One Piece live action

Netflix is ​​preparing a live action adaptation of One Piece and they have already announced new actors who will be in the series.

For now, Netflix is not having much luck with adaptations of manga or anime, since death note received very negative reviews Cowboy Bebop has been canceled after premiering its first season. Luckily, they don’t give up and now they will make a version of one pieceone of the most popular stories of Japan.

First they announced the protagonists of the series who will be Inaki Godoy as Monkey D luffy, Mackenyu as Roronoa Zoro Emily Rudd like Nami, Jacob Gibson like Usopp and taz skylar like Sanji. Now, we know that we will also see Morgan Davis like Koby, Ilia Isorelys Paulino like Alvida, Aidan Scott like Helmeppon, Jeff Ward like buggy, McKinley Belcher III like Arlong and Vincent Regan like Garp.

All these characters exist in the original manga of one piece from Eiichiro Odatherefore, gives us a fairly rough idea of ​​what history will show us.

The first season will be an adaptation of the East Blue Saga.

one piece is a very long story, but the first saga tells us how some of the members of the “straw hat gang”then over time more characters join.

Supposedly, the series will start with the death of Goal D. Rogerthe considered Pirate king. Before he is executed, he says that he has hidden the greatest treasure in existence and whoever finds it may be his successor as Pirate kingThus begins a new era known as great pirate era. 20 years after those events, the treasure has still not been discovered, so a young man named monkey d luffy wants to create his own crew and live great adventures while becoming the Pirate king.

First monkey d luffy of Iñaki Godoy will make friends with Koby of Morgan Davies, while defeating Alvida by Ilia Isorelys Paulino. He will then recruit Roronoa Zoro of Mackenyu humiliating helmeppon of Aidan Scott and taking on the Navy. Fortunately, they can count on the help of Nami by Emily Rudd. Later they will join the band, Usopp by Jacob Romero Gibson and Sanji by Taz Skylar. To conclude the season with an epic showdown against Arlong of McKinley Belcher III and his gang, which will cause Nami to join them permanently. While garp by Vincent Regan is the grandfather of monkey d luffybut he works with the Navy, so I’m sure he shows up at the end, when he has recruits to helmeppon and Koby.

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