Spoilers manga One Piece 1036

Although it will take time for the next chapter to arrive, the spoilers of the One Piece 1036 manga are available with some image.

This week we don’t have One Piece. The Christmas break will last until January 3, 2022. But the spoilers del manga One Piece 1036 are available and we can know more or less what will happen in this long-awaited chapter. Below you have the leaks with some draft image that they have shown.

When the manga is available you will have a large link available that will take you direct. It will be in Spanish, FREE and also officially. The one in charge of bringing ODA’s work and many other publications on the Manga Plus platform.

To all that, if you want to get a virgin to the manga, we recommend that you do not read the spoilers and even less the images that are filtered. We always have to give thanks to the web / forum Pirate King that brings us the best information about One Piece and the advances or spoilers of the next chapters, both manga and anime.

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Manga One Piece 1036 spoilers

Chapter 1,036: “The way of the samurai is to find a place to die.”

  • King is defeated, but first we see a little flashback of him with Kaidou.
  • Rokki (the Numbers 6) is the guardian of the arsenal door (the one we see in the image).
  • Yamato asks Fuuga to attack Rokki.
  • Usopp attacks several enemies while defending Kinemon and Kiku.
  • Izou shows up to help him while Usopp leaves with Kinemon and Kiku.
  • Raizou and Fukurokuju have trapped each other with techniques that do not allow them to move.
  • Numbers Zanki and X Drake have been defeated by CP0. Apoo and the Numbers Inbi escape.
  • CP0 says that if the pirates of the new generation are able to defeat the Yonkou, this will determine the course the world is taking.
  • Kaidou and Luffy continue to fight without quarter.
  • Kaidou hits Luffy with his kanabo, but Luffy manages to hit him hard and they both fall.
  • Then the two of them get up laughing.
  • Luffy: “This is getting fun !!”
  • Kaidou: “Same here !!!”

One Piece manga plot

This is the great Pirate Age. Gold Roger, the legendary “King of Pirates” has left the “One Piece” – his legendary Treasure – hidden in an area of ​​the world called “GRAND LINE” and the strongest pirates compete to find it. A boy named Luffy idolized pirates, especially Shanks, the leader of a crew that visited his village. One day, by accident, Luffy ate a “devil fruit” from Shanks’ loot.

Thanks to this fruit, his body has become rubber but he will never be able to swim. The day the pirates left the village, Shanks presented Luffy with his most prized possession: his straw hat. Ten years have passed since that day and Luffy has gone out to sea seeking to become the new “King of the Pirates.” Here begins Luffy’s great adventure!

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