Spoilert Alert: New One Piece Red Trailer Reveals New Character

One Piece: Red is just weeks away from hitting theaters in North America, and the film promises to not only bring back multiple characters but mark the debut of a new one.

The official One Piece Twitter account shared the new look for One Piece: Red, revealing new characters and fights coming in the fifteenth film in the Shonen series that has already grossed over one hundred million dollars at the box office.

Bayonetta 3 releases new trailer of its gameplay that reveals more of its new character

While the film hit theaters in Japan earlier this summer, fans in the West have been waiting to see what the fifteenth film has in store and a new trailer reveals plenty of new spoilers when it comes to the Pirates of the Caribbean’s next adventure. Straw hat”.

From here come One Piece Red spoilers

The new trailer for the One Piece film not only confirms the return of Red-Haired Shanks to the Shonen franchise, but also introduces his daughter the “Ultimate Diva” Uta.

While this new trailer has quite a few new spoilers that have hit the internet, one major question remains for fans who haven’t seen One Piece: Red yet:

Will Luffy transform into Gear Fifth for the first time on the big screen during its runtime?

Gear Fifth is Luffy’s last transformation that he got during his fight with Beast Pirate Captain Kaido, and while the anime has yet to reveal the form that turns Monkey into a living cartoon, the manga gave readers plenty of action afterward. your debut.

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