Spy x Family: Anya is drawn in the style of Studio Ghibli, One Piece, Naruto and much more

Everybody loves Anya Forger. The little one from “Spy x Family” was at the time one of the great surprises of anime and many of us want to see more of it this fall. Because yes, in case anyone has forgotten, the anime season that debuted in spring has in reality 2 parts, with the second premiering in October this 2022. Now, to warm up the return of this year’s most peculiar family of anime, an artist has decided recreate Anya in lots of different styles.

Anya (Spy x Family) tries her luck in other anime franchises

Then I’ll leave you like this the piece shared by @GangDan_spyin which an exceptional job has been done adapting the character to multiple anime franchises:

First of all, I think the main thing is list the main anime franchises that have been used in the process of recreating Anya, because personally there were a couple that I had no idea:

  • From top to bottom, starting with the left columnthe animes that have been used are the following:
    • card captor sakura
    • sailor Moon
    • Evangelion
    • Studio Ghibli
    • fullmoon
    • Cheese in the Trap (webtoon)
    • Detective Conan
    • one piece
    • Naruto
  • I’m not sure what style I would go with to really recreate the little girl from Spy x Family, so I’m going to say the one I would NOT use: Detective Conan. It literally looks like Ran having bought a 4.99 euro cosplay through Aliexpress, feeling very sorry. ❌
  • oh yes, franchises I had no idea about are Full Moon and Cheese in the Trap. I understand that they must be the artist’s favorite brands, because it is surprising to see two ‘unknown’ names among so much obvious fame. ❗

The truth is that this transformation project of Anya is a little late, everything is said, basically because it was with “Spy x Family” on the air that strange processes did not stop arising to transform Anya in a thousand and one ways. In the article that I have shared with you, you will find what she would be like if she were the real daughter of Yor and Loid, but things like imagine if i were a real person. Of everything.

Synopsis for Spy x Family

The skillful spy Tasogare dedicated himself daily to fulfilling special missions for a better world. One day he receives a complicated challenge… his duty is to create a fake family and start a new life in order to fulfill the mission, but something unexpected happens… Spy x Family begins with this premise.

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