Super Mario Bros. will receive a crossover with One Piece; Mario becomes Gold Roger

You are fans of the videogames of Super Mario Bros. and in turn you enjoy reading the manga or watching the anime of One Piece? If the answer is yes, this figure is made for you. According to reports from Kotaku, the custom toy company Fat Lane Toys has created a new figure in which Mario, the mythical plumber created by Nintendo and Shigeru Miyamoto, becomes Gold Roger, who was the king of pirates in the popular Eiichirō Oda manga. The collector’s item is 25 cm tall and features details from both universes in a very curious mix.

Mario is handcuffed and wears the clothes of the dreaded pirate in addition to keeping his characteristic laugh. As we indicated, the figure has details of both worlds: Mario’s jacket is Roger’s, although it has on its back with a piranha plant from the Champin Kingdom and is on top of the original plumber clothes. It should also be noted that the shoulder pads of the suit are golden mushrooms and that Mario has a prominent mane. The figure is also accompanied by a flagpole -the typical that appears at the end of the levels in 2D games-, a chest full of gold coins and a giant pink peach.

Limited mintage to 300 units at $ 440 each

So far so perfect, although now comes the bad news in case you want to do with one. As you can imagine, it is a figure that will have a limited edition and will cost an arm and a leg: only 300 units will be created worldwide and these will only be manufactured once orders are completed, a process that should take 3 to 4 months, and Each figure will cost a whopping $ 440, although according to the company “prices are subject to change according to currency.” Orders are expected to be ready to ship in February 2022.

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