Taika Waititi, the director of Thor: Love and Thunder, confirms that he is a fan of One Piece

Taika Waititi will no longer be remembered only as the director of Thor: Love And Thunder, since now he will also be remembered as an avid fan of anime and manga of OnePiece.

Nanny?! Just shared a behind the scenes of the next Marvel movie, and it is just in this video where we can see the director and interpreter of “Korg” in Thor carrying one blue sweatshirt with Monkey D. Luffy’s reward poster. Although the garment is faded (probably to avoid any problem with the property) any fan of one piece they can make out that giant smile and hat that belong to the captain of the Straw Hats.

The same day Director of Thor Love and Thunder confirmed his love for one piece answering a question of the community made in “third person”.

After the revelation there are now hundreds of followers of the director and fans of one piece that speculate if this could lead him to participate in some project of one piece in the future, something that judging by Waititi’s statements he would certainly accept. Until now a scenario like that would only take place within the adaptation live action of one piece made by Netflix and Tomorrow Studios.

Meanwhile, social networks continue to collect more moments of Waititi with Luffy’s sweatshirt, such as the following video where we can also see actor Chris Hemsworth being prepared to play his role as the god of thunder.

Did you know that the director of Thor: Love And Thunder is also a fan of one piece?


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