Take a pirate selfie and get a loot as sweet as One Piece in the contest for episode 1000 of the anime

On the occasion of the arrival of chapter 1,000 of the anime One Piece, Toei Animation has organized a selfie contest in which participants will be able to enter the raffle of various lots with juicy prizes.

Within the manganime series, without a doubt one of the most popular and iconic is One Piece, the work of the great Eiichirô Oda that tells us an epic adventure around the world in search of a legendary pirate treasure.

Thus, the serie One Piece follow Monkey D. Luffy, a smiling young man who, despite the fact that he cannot swim because of the powers of a demonic fruit that have turned him into a rubber man, decides to set sail for the sea and fulfill his dream of becoming the King of the Pirates finding the One Piece, the treasure that the former King Gold Roger left somewhere in the world before being executed.

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To do this, Luffy travels the world in search of One Piece while little is recruiting his crew, forming the Straw Hat pirate band with a group of the most diverse and peculiar.

With a total of thirteen films to date, the anime de One Piece It is about to reach 1,000 episodes, a round figure that its paper version achieved not long ago.

On the occasion of such an event, from Toei Animation They have organized a competition for selfies for fans of One Piece in which, the more they participate, the more lots with juicy prizes they will raffle.

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To participate you just have to access this link and upload a selfie photo of yourself to be reflected on the page framed by the iconic “Wanted” sign with your name or pirate nickname.

For every 1,000 selfies uploaded, a new batch of products will be raffled among the participants, with prizes as juicy as figures, video games, consoles, Chunchyroll subscriptions … Good pirate loot, yes sir!

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The objective of the contest is to achieve neither more nor less than 20,000 selfies to achieve a world record, bringing together all the fans of the anime series.

Upon reaching the goal of one piece contest A Grand Prix will be unlocked for which it is not yet known what it may be, but which promises to be as valuable as One Piece itself.

At the time of this writing there are already more than 4,800 selfies uploaded, so don’t think twice and join this great pirate crew to celebrate the One Piece episode 1,000 and be able to get some of its juicy prizes.