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One Piece It is one of the best known franchises around the world. This work created by Eiichiro Oda tells us the story of Monkey D. Luffy, a young man who has a dream, to become the king of the pirates and obtain the treasure of Gol D. Roger.

Throughout your journey, you will meet great people who will join your crew. Some of them like Robin O Us They will become great friends and some of the favorite girls in the fan community of One Piece. Surely, you also have your favorite, so this test will tell you whether or not she could be your ideal partner.

If you are interested in keeping up with the latest chapters of One Piece, you can read them completely free of charge through Manga More. Although if you are more into watching anime, it is also available in Crunchyroll. It will surely become one of your favorite series, be it for its characters, its story or its incredible action.


Where would you invite your crush to eat?

How do you face difficulties?

Do you consider yourself an emotional person?

What pet would you have with your partner?

Do you usually cry in front of other people?

How many partners have you had in your life?

What is your favorite hobby?

How important is it for you to share your hobbies with your partner?

Test: Who would be your waifu from One Piece?

Nico Robin

Test Who would be your waifu from One Piece

Your direct, funny and non-malicious personality was surely what enchanted Nico Robin from One Piece. You are someone with simple tastes and a good heart, you do not need anything more than to surround yourself with your nakamas sharing a great party to be happy.


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Like the mermaid queen, you care about animals and the environment. Maybe their common interests can make a cute relationship blossom in One Piece. You like to defend those who have a problem, regardless of the problems that this brings.


1634571647 872 Test Who would be your waifu from One Piece

Like O-Kiku, you don’t usually show your emotions to other people. In fact, there are those who think that you are someone with a cold heart, however there is nothing further from the truth. You worry in silence and would do anything for your nakamas. But before you act, you usually think about what might be the ideal plan to help them.


1634571648 206 Test Who would be your waifu from One Piece

You are someone who hardly shows all your cards, you don’t like people knowing everything about you. However, Nami could be the person who can read under your face. Like her, you have a hard time opening your heart honestly and when you do, there is no turning back.

good hancock

1634571648 276 Test Who would be your waifu from One Piece

Like Boa Hancock, you are a charming, beautiful person who knows that the ground you walk on does not deserve you. However, that is why it is difficult for you to find someone who approaches you with sincerity and affection. Surely, that’s what this girl from One Piece liked about you, your sincere and real feelings, as well as your interesting hobbies that few people appreciate.

And good? Does this test of One Piece gave you the character you expected? Or did it turn out that you stayed with the person you least imagined? Let us know in the comments and all our social networks. And, if there was any mistake, you can also tell us.

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