That Secret One Piece Episode You’ve Never Seen

Do you know of the existence of these unreleased episodes of One Piece only broadcast in Japan?

These episodes of One Piece never aired in France

One Piece may celebrate its 25th anniversary, the work ofEiichiro Oda continues to be followed by millions of fans around the world. An exceptional longevity that we owe to Luffy’s dad, who gives himself body and soul to deliver in due time the continuation of the adventures of the straw hat pirate. And adventures, there are plenty.

With over 1,035 episodes and 15 movies, One Piece is undoubtedly one of the most prolific manga in history. We even had fun calculating the time needed to watch the entire anime, and the result is gargantuan. Although we do not doubt for a moment that the fans have not missed a crumb of the adventures of Luffyfew know of the existence of unreleased episodes only broadcast in Japan.

One Piece: Glorious Island, the unknown prologue of One Piece Z

Indeed, some OAVs are only available in the Land of the Rising Sun, and for a limited time. This explains why few French-speaking fans are aware of its existence. It’s the case for One Piece: Glorious Islandan OAV made in December 2012 by Konosuke Uda and Munehisa Sakai and serving as a prologue to One Piece: Z.
Released only on smartphone, the episode tells how the Straw Hat crew is attacked by a sea monster while the members were relaxing in the open sea. We will not reveal the rest of the story here, at the risk of spoiling the pleasure of discovery. On the other hand, we can only advise you to watch the short film with French subtitles.