The 10 Saddest One Piece Farewells, Ranked

As the Straw Hat Pirates continue their journey to the New World, they encounter various people and creatures. And, in true Straw Hat fashion, they are able to make several friends on their journey. However, just as they meet new friends, they also inevitably have to part ways with them.

Whether it’s a farewell after a chance encounter, a tearful farewell when a friend leaves, or the final heartbreaking farewell between friends and family, Luffy and his crew have experienced it all. The epic narrative of one piece has some pretty sad goodbyes.

10 Tearful Farewell To A Future Marine

When fans see the first episode of one piece, they do not know the future King of the Pirates, but a future marine. Koby, who has become the Alvida Pirates’ chore boy, is a scared cat and a crybaby. However, once he meets Luffy (who was stowing away in a barrel), the young man’s life is turned upside down.

Drawn by Luffy’s energy and dream, Koby has set his own dream: to become a Navy Admiral. Unfortunately, that dream meant that he and Luffy would end up as enemies, but that didn’t stop them from parting as friends.

9 The Goodbye That Sanji Doesn’t Remember1645956237 306 The 10 Saddest One Piece Farewells Ranked.webp

Despite the wedding being a trap set by the Big Mother Pirates and Pudding cheating on Sanji, the two grew to care for each other. Sanji’s gentlemanly personality warmed Pudding’s reserved heart and Sanji cared for her even after seeing the third eye that she detested. It is logical that the farewell between the two is bittersweet.

Knowing that Sanji would return to the Straw Hat Pirates, Pudding asked him for one last favor: One last kiss goodbye, one last memory. However, Sanji would not remember this sweet farewell, as Pudding used her Devil Fruit powers to erase her from his memory.

8 A Farewell That Created A New Pirate Era1645956237 284 The 10 Saddest One Piece Farewells Ranked.webp

When Gold D. Roger’s journey came to an end and he was captured by the Marines, it was inevitable that his life would come to an end. The Marines would use his death to end the Pirate Age.

However, it had the opposite effect. As Roger sat on the scaffold with the blades against his neck, he bid the world farewell and created a new era for pirates with his promise of the One Piece treasure. Sending him off greatly affected his crew as well, leaving Reighley, Buggy, and Shanks in tears as their captain departed for the last time.

7 A Fifty-Year Goodbye1645956238 427 The 10 Saddest One Piece Farewells Ranked.webp

A partner of Brook and the Rumbar Pirates, Laboon was always by his side. The young whale always helped his pirate crew in battle or joined them in song. However, when the Rumbar Pirates went into the New World, they had to say goodbye to Laboon because the New World was too dangerous for the young whale.

Brook and his team tearfully abandoned Laboon at Upside Down Mountain, vowing to return for Laboon. And despite saying goodbye fifty years ago, both Brook and Laboon hope to keep their promise.

6 Sabo departs on his pirate journey1645956238 650 The 10 Saddest One Piece Farewells Ranked.webp

After being separated from his brothers and forced to return home, Sabo’s dream of becoming a pirate seems unattainable. However, determined to escape from the corrupt nobility of the Kingdom of Goa, Sabo escapes and takes to sea.

Unfortunately, when Sabo heads out to sea, he finds himself face to face with a World Noble. Unfortunately, Sabo will not be able to say goodbye to his brothers face to face. But Sabo didn’t leave without saying goodbye. The young pirate sent letters to both Luffy and Ace promising to meet them again on the high seas.

5 Usopp walks away from the Straw Hats1645956238 692 The 10 Saddest One Piece Farewells Ranked.webp

With the news that the Going Merry could no longer sail, the Straw Hats were legitimately upset. However, Usopp took the news the most, since the ship was a gift from Kaya. When Luffy stated that they would need a new ship, Usopp challenged him, stating that if he lost he would leave the crew.

After an intense and emotional battle, Luffy emerged victorious and he and the rest of the crew bid farewell to Usopp, causing an emotional and bitter farewell between friends. Fortunately, nothing can separate the Straw Hats forever.

4 Departing from Alabasta, goodbye Vivi1645956238 289 The 10 Saddest One Piece Farewells Ranked.webp

The Straw Hats meet Princess Vivi when she works undercover as one of Crocodile’s henchmen. However, despite her initial confrontation, she is immediately welcomed into the Straw Hats crew. As they continue to journey together to stop Crocodile and save the kingdom from him, Vivi becomes an integral member of the Straw Hat crew and a dear friend.

Once Crocodile is defeated and Alabasta is safe, Vivi is faced with a difficult decision: become a pirate or return to being a princess. Inevitably, Vivi chooses to stay in her kingdom, but she bids her lifelong friends a tearful farewell as they leave the shores of Alabasta.

3 Peter’s Sacrifice1645956239 470 The 10 Saddest One Piece Farewells Ranked.webp

Pedro, a new ally of the Straw Hats, quickly became friends with Luffy and his crew. Pedro even offered the Straw Hats his help in getting Sanji back due to his past with Big Mom. Unfortunately, the rescue mission did not go as planned and the Straw Hats had to fight their way off the island.

With the Mil Sol trapped and unable to navigate and the crew pursued by Perospero. So that his new friends could escape, Pedro would inevitably have to say goodbye to them. With a single “sayonara”, the jaguar mink sacrificed himself to stop Persospero and help his friends escape from him.

2 Viking funerals for those who get away with it1645956239 148 The 10 Saddest One Piece Farewells Ranked.webp

As the Straw Hats make their way down the Grandline, their adventures have taken their toll on the Going Merry. Upon reaching Waterdown 7, the crew is faced with the unfortunate truth that the Merry will no longer be able to sail. This revelation causes discord among the crew members, as they find themselves against the World Government.

However, when the crew is overwhelmed by the World Government and Luffy and his friends are injured and unable to fight, they are miraculously saved, by none other than the Going Merry, which comes to life to sail with its crew one last time. Farewell to the Going Merry may, in fact, be one of the toughest the crew has ever faced.

1 Ace Saves Luffy1645956239 32 The 10 Saddest One Piece Farewells Ranked.webp

Facing execution, Ace finds himself at the center of an all-out war between the World Government and Whitebeard. Of course, Luffy couldn’t stay out of the action either, breaking into not only Impel Down but also the Marine Base to save his older brother. However, just as Luffy manages to free Ace and they both flee with the help of Whitebeard’s pirates, they are intervened by Aokiji.

The Admiral is determined to kill both Ace and Luffy in the name of justice. However, that day he only manages to end one life, as Ace sacrifices himself to save Luffy. This goodbye will cause Luffy to postpone meeting his crew for another two years, allowing Luffy to grow stronger so he never has to say goodbye like that again.