The 25 years of One Piece celebrated in public transport – Letter from the railwayman


From May 4 to 10, users of the Paris metro passing through the connecting corridor between lines 12 and 13 of Montparnasse had the opportunity to admire a gigantic fresco honoring One Piece. And this will also soon be the case for travelers using the Toulouse and Lille networks. The trams of the pink city will be decorated with a reproduction of the fresco from May 7 to 20, as will those of the capital of Flanders from May 8 to 21.

The publisher Glénat has decided to bet on public transport to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Japanese comics. One Piece is a mythical manga: it is the best-selling manga produced by a single author – Eiichiro Oda – on the planet. In France in particular, the success is colossal, whether for the manga version or for its adaptation in cartoons. One Piece was released in France in 2000.

Since then more than 30.4 million copies have been sold there – 490 million worldwide. Each year, the manga is No. 1 in sales in its category (1.3 million copies already sold since the beginning of 2022) and, in France, in 2021, it alone represented nearly 10% of manga sales. .

At the very beginning of the saga, we meet Luffy, when he is still a little boy. Already his dream is to become the king of the Pirates. His ambition will lead him into adventures full of dangers, devious enemies, but also friendships, parties and feasts. Aboard the Vogue Merry, he patiently forms his crew, which grows as this long-term quest progresses. This unprecedented fresco was created to celebrate the release of the 101st volume of the saga. 135 meters long, it features 50 fan-favorite characters from the “Straw Hat” adventures.