The 5 key figures to understand the success of One Piece

One Piece is nowadays one of the most important cultural works. Thanks to its story based on piracy and the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy, a character who travels the seas accompanied by his crew in search of One Piece, the manga has reached tens of millions of people around the world.


This year, One Piece celebrates its 25th anniversary. Its author, Eiichirō Oda, indeed began to publish in 1997 and since that day, the adventure of the pirates in search of One Piece has never ceased. Moreover, the mangaka announced, to the great disappointment of the fans, that this story would end “soon” and that he already knew the end of the story.


Since its first publication in 1997, 101 volumes of One Piece are out. The manga has therefore passed the symbolic milestone of 100 books published and on this occasion, volumes 98, 99 and 100 had received special editions which were only available in small quantities. It was therefore necessary to have a lot of luck, or perseverance in order to find one of these copies, whose appearance had been modified. One Piece is also published in 42 different countries, not counting anime episodes, proof of its success.


This is the current number of episodes aired. An astronomical figure that is spread over twenty seasons where we follow the adventures of our heroes. If you were planning to start the anime and catch up, you would need, considering that each episode is 20 minutes long, 335.6 hours to watch everything, or almost fourteen days without stopping. Just like in the manga, the story tackles many peripheral subjects in the One Piece quest such as friendship, loyalty or perseverance.

490 millions

The stories of Luffy and his crew have enabled Eiichirō Oda’s work to sell nearly 490 million manga copies since 1997. 25 years that have allowed an entire community to immerse themselves in this history, of this universe and which will have made the success of One Piece. A success that continues to grow since, like the reminder Le Figaro : « In 2020 alone, the first volume of One Piece sold 78,000 copies, 89% more than in 2019, and 135% more than in 2018. “. In France, more than 28 million copies have been sold.


Since the creation of the universe of One Piece, 14 films have been released and a fifteenth is on the way for 2022. Entitled One Piece : Red, the feature film will focus on the story of one of the manga characters named Shanks le Roux, enough to deepen the aspect of it and bring fans a little more into this universe. It is directed by Gorō Taniguchi and is scheduled for release on August 6.

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