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The title may be somewhat humorous in relation to one piece. It is well known that Eiichiro Oda He is not used to killing almost any character in his work. But recently, he played give again those clues How much do you like to give? First of all, I would like to clarify that This article is going to have the most spoilers I’ve ever written in one.. So if you are not up to date with the manga, specifically with chapter 1071, read at your own risk.

one piece is at an incredible point with the start of his final saga. Week after week it has the ability to surprise us with one of the best qualities we have seen Ode in these last 25 years. For this 2023, the manga has many surprises in store for us that I am sure will catch us off guard. Despite all the theories that exist and some with a lot of foundation and logic, there is always something that escapes us. In this article I will review the 6 characters that could die this year in the One Piece manga. It may be that one dies, all or none, but they are all candidates.

Monkey D Garp

I start this article with a character that greatly divides the audience of the play. Monkey D Garpthe known as Navy hero and grandfather of the protagonist of one piece, Monkey D. Luffy. Why do I think Garp might die? Because right now, at this very moment, if you have read chapter 1071 of the manga, he is going to save koby from the clutches of blackbeard.

Blackbeard is not going to want to release Koby just like that and he surely wants revenge on Garp for what happened in god valley. From what I see possible a possible death of Monkey D Garp at the hands of blackbeard. I also think that it would give him a lot of play, since this would make Blackbeard a very important piece of the suffering of luffy throughout the work. It was partly his fault that Ace is dead now, so according to the “Blackbeard’s 3 theory”his second victim could be Garp and his third, we have it next…

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One of the most rumored things of all one piece is a possible battle between blackbeard Y Shanksand its possible outcome. We know that things between these two will surely not end well, but we don’t know how or where. You have to remember that Blackbeard is the cause of Shanks’s scar in the past and it is a fact that we must not forget. Shanks he has a score to settle with Blackbeard and somehow, I think it will be resolved in a battle that will put an end to their feuds.

Why does Shanks have to die and not Blackbeard? It’s something people often wonder about, but I think Blackbeard currently has a lot of power and will be able to keep increasing his power level a lot going into the later stages of the final saga. not counting luffy nor to Im in the equation, The two most powerful people on the planet in the pirate world right now are Shanks and Blackbeard.

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I precisely aim at koby because right now he is kidnapped by blackbeard. Yes it is true that I might be released by Garp and the officers of the Marine that accompany it, although it is highly unlikely that this is the case. I see Koby as a possible candidate for death at the hands of Blackbeard in 2023. It’s somewhat humorous that Blackbeard is the possible author of all these hypothetical deaths, but we already know him well. One of the main antagonists of the play.

koby could be saved thanks to Marineor by other means in the future, but it must be remembered that as a bargaining chip for blackbeard, Koby has no greater value to him. Narratively, there are many people who have always imagined Koby in one of the possible endings of one piececlosing what at first luffy and he got engaged. But it must be admitted that he does not have it all with himself and it would be a very important dramatic touch in the play, as well as a necessary one.

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Although it may be a bit surprising, I see sabo a candidate for death this year. She has been very close to going to heaven with Ace in the recent events of chapter 1060, in luluciaby challenging Im. The Revolutionary Army It is undoubtedly one of the best purposes of the entire work, but also one of the most dangerous, and Sabo is sought after with too much interest by the world government.

It would also be a very nice dramatic touch for one piece Yeah sabo would join Ace in this tragic outcome. Here I would rule out blackbeard as a possible author of the hypothetical death of Sabo and I would focus on Im and the world governmentsince one of his main threats is Sabo, from what he knows and also the Revolutionary Armyso you try.

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Marshall D. Teach

Our dear and at the same time hated blackbeard Nor is he spared from this possible fate. It must not be forgotten that this sea ​​emperor It has certain very powerful characters wanting to collect pending debts. It is true that Blackbeard also has a lot of power. She perfectly can be on the podium of the characters with the most power, but we don’t know which side Oda will take when he has to resolve certain pending conflicts that originated in the story.

Yes blackbeard Finally, he does not die for the acts he has committed, at the hands of Shanks or own luffy in this year 2023. I am very sure that he can expect a future just like his beard in the next few years, at the hands of one of the two mentioned above, Shanks or Luffy. The endearing pirate with the straw hat would have many reasons to give it up in a fight against the character who may be responsible for the death of Ace and the possible deaths of Garp and maybe yes or maybe no, also that of Shanks.

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Trafalgar D Law

It has been difficult to choose this sixth character because he does not have such clear reasons to die as the previous ones. Really, names that could sound for a possible death, although they are less likely than the previous ones, for the moment, Boa Hancock either Eustass Kid. The first, because blackbeard and her crew are targeting her due to interest in her fruit and abilities. The second, because she has come to elbaf and it is not known what dangers there may be on this dangerous island. In addition to certain theories about the death of some of the Supernova. And it’s still early to get the letter out usoppalthough it is another of the theories as well.

But who do I think may have the worst part and besides that, having a “D” in the last name is also a weighty argument in one pieceis Trafalgar D Law. It is true that it is less likely than the previous ones, but this character loves danger. We were able to verify it in the arches of dressrosa Y Wano. Now, she is not far behind facing characters like blackbeard. law He is very strong and has a lot of cunning in combat, but today he is one of the most persecuted names in all the One Piece seas.

What do you think of the chosen candidates? Do you think there is any more likely to die than those mentioned? We read you in the comments!

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