The 7 most powerful pirates of One Piece that we have seen in the video games of the popular manga and anime

We take advantage of the One Piece: Odyssey announcement to review which seven pirates could finish off Luffy.

Without spoiling the current Wano arc, we want to go over which seven pirates are stronger than Luffy and which video games they appear in for us. we can dust them. And we do it because this happening in the world of One Piece is one of the best things about Eiichiro Oda’s work. Unlike in Dragon Ball, Luffy isn’t always the strongest and doesn’t always manage to be at the end of a story arc. He needs his nakama to continue his search for the One Piece, and he will only get to be the Pirate King when he alone is able to rely on your own strength.

Unlike Goku in Dragon Ball, Luffy is not always the strongest.In his travels, Luffy has fought against very important pirates, against the Yonkou or the Four Emperors, the Shichibuaki or the seven Great Warriors of the sea, and various possessors of rare demonic fruits. But after so many fights,which seven pirates are still too powerful for him? Despite being able to use the life force that haki gives him, strengthen his body, or kill the weakest minds without touching them with his king’s will, Luffy still has several weak points: swordsmen and sharp weapons, as well as his good heart. . He doesn’t stop being humanso direct attacks on its viscera can also seriously injure it.

Also, as we have already seen in more than one fight, Luffy is very used to his rubber body serving as a shield, but it is not always infallible if he faces another person who controls the life force better than him. That said, and taking advantage of the fact that One Piece: Odyssey has just been announced, these are our seven chosen ones against whom Luffy, fighting alone on his account, couldn’t beat. The funny thing is that we do if we play video games that have these villains as bosses. These are our seven, but which ones are we missing? Which character do you think is the most powerful in all of One Piece that Luffy will never defeat?

donquixote doflamingo

donquixote doflamingo To date, Donquixote is my favorite baddie in all of manga history. His life force handling is outstanding, and he has much more advanced knowledge of demon fruit abilities than him. He knows how to awaken the hidden powers of the Akuma no Mi from him. In the manga, Luffy was only able to defeat him because Trafalgar Law helped him, but Donquixote’s sharp ropes, as well as his abilities, make him a still very fearsome foe. Fight him in One Piece: Burning Blood, a one-on-one fighting game that isn’t bad at all and is very respectful of each pirate’s skills.

Big Mom

Big Mom Charlotte Linlin is a tremendously strong rival that Luffy can’t stand up to either, yet. If we talk about the abilities that she has when she is in top form, and without the help of her friends, even Luffy’s fourth gear is totally ineffective against her. However, we can find it in the mobile video game One Piece: Thousand Storm and give it its own. Of course, with the help of our nakama.


mihawk If it’s true that Luffy is weak to slashing attacks, Mihawk’s killing abilities would pose a real danger to him. Mihawk was one of Zoro Ronoa’s teachers and is characterized by being able to make great slashes with his sword at inhuman distances. That makes him an unbeatable rival both at close and long distance. You can have a few words with him in the fun adventure game One Piece: Unlimited World Red.

White beard

White beard Whitebeard is one of the most powerful pirates in the One Piece universe. I doubt very much that Luffy could with him because it seems that the earthquakes that he is able to summon pass through any defense, be it the life force, the ability of an akuma no mi or the character’s own resistance. Of course, we talked about when he was at full strength, not weakened and old. To fight him and show him that Luffy is the strongest, in One Piece Pirate Warriors 2 you can weaken him and watch him kneel down.


blackbeard And if Whitebeard was someone fearsome, Blackbeard is even more so. He is the only pirate capable of being a user of two demon fruits at once. With the power of darkness and earthquake, and his immense body, he is still undefeatable by Luffy and aims to be one of the definitive bosses in the manga. The truth is that he is someone who is very scary. To play against him and teach him not to steal akuma no mi from others, look for him in Jump Force


Perona You can find Perona in One Piece Bounty Rush, and luckily Eiichiro Oda didn’t make this enemy want revenge on Luffy and his gang. The problem is that his fruit allows him to instill negativity in his rivals. When he faced the Straw Hats he was able to take them all down in just two frames. Only Usopp is able to defeat her.

ronoa zoro

ronoa zoro And this is already a personal bet. How many times have you wondered if Zoro or Luffy is stronger? I think it is Zoro. His swords, his haki control and his fighting style I think are just what can defeat Luffy. The pirate hunter can cut everything, even his captain? You can find Zoro in all One Piece video games, but I recommend that they battle in Jump Force and maybe battle in One Piece Odyssey as well?

These are our seven proposals, but now it’s up to you: which character in all of One Piece is arguably the strongest compared to Luffy?

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