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One of the main characteristics of the work of one piece is that ability Eiichiro Oda, author of the work, to keep many very important characters under a cloak of secrets. We still don’t know many secrets after more than 1000 manga chapters. Next, you will be able to discover who are the eight most important and mysterious identities.

prince loki

Little is known about this mysterious character, except for some very important brushstrokes. He is the prince of Elbaf and therefore the prince of the giants of the One Piece world.. The giants are one of the most important and mysterious races in the play, and Elbaf one of the most important and mysterious historical locations. All this makes Loki in a figure of key information.

in the arc of Whole Cake it is revealed to us that Loki fell in love with charlotte lola in the past, one of the daughters of Charlotte Linlin. The latter arranged a wedding between them to form an alliance with the giants. Unfortunately for the mysterious Loki, Lola ran away so she could find true love and not an arranged one. This caused the giants to become enemies with Big Mom. Many people hope to learn more about Loki and Elbaf in the near future.

Dr Vegapunk

The Dr Vegapunk is probably the smartest character in One Piece. His intelligence is said to be 500 years into the future. The greatest inventions are attributed to his name and certain part of the events of history would not be possible without him. arrested by him world government due to his dangerous experiments, far from wasting his skills, he was hired as the head of the Navy Scientific Division.

He is knowledgeable of all the secrets of the Devil Fruits and the Lineage Factor. He is also the creator of the Pacifists and more war resources Marine and his list of creations is endless. Vegapunk knows several of the most important secrets that every One Piece fan wants to know. He is one of the characters who raises the most intrigue and questions in the entire work.

Monkey D Dragon

A Dragon He is known under the title of “The worst criminal in the world” and is the leader of the Revolutionary Army. The most dangerous and wanted criminal in the world. He is the father of our protagonist Monkey D. Luffy, and currently represents the greatest threat to the World Government. The biggest goal for Dragon is the fall of it. His abilities are unknown, but he is associated with storms. In key appearances, he has always done so accompanied by a storm, being loguetown his most famous appearance.

Dragon is perceived as an incredibly powerful person. His philosophy and world view is very similar to what has been told of Joy Boy and also shares many similarities with Luffy’s. Dragon wants the freedom of the world and his happiness, he fights every day against the tyranny of the World Government. He is one of the great pillars and enigmas of One Piece due to his position and links in history.

Monkey D. Dragon from One Piece

Rocks D. Xebec

Known as the most dangerous pirate in the world 40 years before the current events of One Piece. His goal was not to be the Pirate kingbut aspired to be the King of the world. He was the most famous pirate in the entire play before Goal D. Roger managed to become the King of the Pirates. The crew of him, the pirates of rockshad great legends like White beard, Kaido, Big Mom either shiki. Three of which would later become Emperors of the New World.

He is considered the most important rival of Gol D. Roger and one of the characters with the most skill in combat in the entire work. Xebec he was very curious to know all the information of the World Government, making him a great threat to them. This fact has led to censorship of Rocks D. Xebec of the history of One Piece and there are very few who know its legend.

Rocks D. Xebec from One Piece is one of the most important characters

The Gorosei

The Gorosei is a group made up of five elders who live in Mary Geoisethe Holy Land from One Piece. Very little is known of these elders, other than that they wield the second greatest known influence in the World Government, ranking second only to im. It is unknown if they are powerful characters, fruit users, or just have a lot of influence due to the information they know or the position they hold.

They are responsible for mediating with the world through the will of Im, as is known so far. They obey all his orders as we have been able to observe in chapter 906 of the manga or in episode 885 of the anime, when they kneel before Im. They are one of the most important and mysterious identities of the entire work, dozens of theories circulate around them.

The Gorosei from One Piece


Zunesha It is a giant and ancient elephant that carries on its back the island of Zou. He suffers as he condemns wandering the New World with no apparent direction and has a very special connection with the original Joy Boy.. At the moment, it is not known why Zunesha suffers this sentence and what is the crime that he committed. Having so much longevity, a connection to Joy Boy, being around for the whole Void Century and that nothing is known about it, makes him an incredibly mysterious character.

Their eye patterns are very similar to those of im Y mihawk, but the reason and what it could mean is unknown. Zunesha wishes to meet Joy Boy again and it is known that she suffers from nostalgia for it, remembering the time when he was her partner. Zunesha cannot act of his own free will, so he will always wait for someone’s order to perform any action, as was seen when the crew of Jack attacked him and Zunesha waited for an order to defend himself.

Zunesha from One Piece

Joy Boy

Joy Boy is a title given to one or more people throughout the history of One Piece, the first bearer of this title being an individual from over 900 years ago. The method of obtaining this title is not known, except that it is believed that it is granted to a person with a strong will to change the world, and possessing certain special characteristics. To date, it is known that there have been at least two people with the title of Joy Boy, but it is not ruled out that more will be revealed in the future of the manga..

The first of them was a very important figure in the Empty Century. This cheerful boy could be the origin of much of One Piece’s most important information.. When Gol D. Roger arrived at laugh talethe last island of Grand Line and found the famous One Piece treasure, this was in the name of Joy Boy. The reasons are unknown, but the World Government does not seem to hold Joy Boy in high regard, being an inconvenience to them. It is known that Joy Boy was an entity that lasted for several hundred years, but it is unknown if he was long-lived, or if it was several people.

Joy Boy is one of the great protagonists of the Empty Century that the World Government hid. As information about these characters becomes clear, the truth of the world will be revealed. Everyone in One Piece who knows the legend knows that there will be a next coming of Joy Boy at some point. His legend and his legacy, with great influence on the work, is one of the most important elements of all One Piece.

Joy Boy from One Piece


im it is a completely unknown being, the only thing that is known is its silhouette and the pattern of its eyes. It is not known if he belongs to the human species or what gender he has. The only thing that is known is that it sits on the empty throne and this is a sign of having the authority of the world in your hands. Secret leader of the World Government, he uses the world as if it were a board and eliminates without a trace everything he does not like. No one knows of its existence except The Gorosei. Anyone who might know of Im, gets the feeling that she will be eliminated no matter what the means.

Im is known as the main antagonist figure of the play. He represents the opposite of Joy Boy and it is speculated that he has lived since the beginning of the Void Century. Many theories about immortality revolve around this character. He has a straw hat frozen deep in the pangea castle and learn about the legend of Joy Boy. Im is said to be responsible for the Void Century and the removal of the great truths of the world that happened during that time..

Im from One Piece is one of the most important characters

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