The author of One Piece: “Comparing yourself with Dragon Ball was like asking to be defeated”

It’s no mystery that”dragon ball” is one of the most influential figures in the entire history of manga and anime. Great contemporary works were inspired by the story of Akira Toriyama to create their own stories. This is how it is, there is no other way to catch it. Also, since known for years how important were Goku and company in the birth and growth of “One Piece”. Now his own Oda-sensei has spoken about it again and in a special way.

The race to fill the Dragon Ball gap that One Piece managed to survive

It was due to the previously announced interview with Eiichiro Oda and Gosho Aoyama (“Detective Conan”) that we have had some of the most interesting comments, and among which I think it is worth highlighting the following (via DBSHype):

  • Both Gosho Aoyama and Eiichiro Oda agree at first on one thing: they were in love with the art that Akira Toriyama used in Dragon Ball. ❤️
  • Eiichiro Oda later comments that when One Piece started, it had been 2 years since the serialization of Dragon Ball concluded. The author defines that temporary instance as a kind of race between all the authors who wanted to take his place in JUMP. ❗
  • However, Oda-sensei claims that a couple of years later everyone realized that ‘trying to compare yourself to Dragon Ball was like asking to be defeated‘, and that one way or another his One Piece managed to survive all that. ❗

Eiichiro Oda remembers that at that time not only “Dragon Ball” ended its publication in Jump, but so did “Slam Dunk”, these two being the most emblematic works that the magazine has come to host in its entire history. Seeing this one thing is clear to me: many of us are really far from the golden age in which “Dragon Ball” became the spiral of the world of manga and anime, but that people like the author of “One Piece” remember it allows us to reflect on what has been (and what continues to be) a unique success of its kind.

Dragon Ball Synopsis

Son Goku is a very special boy who, after the death of his grandfather, lives alone in the forest. He possesses prodigious strength and seems quite content with his life in the great outdoors until he meets Bulma, a posh girl who is searching for the Dragon Balls, seven magical spheres that, once gathered, can grant any wish.