The author of One Piece reveals the past of Eustass Kid and the story of his tragic first love

Every good fan of one piece knows that Eiichiro Oda, the author of the work, loves to take his time when it comes to properly narrate the past of many of its characters. In the Wano arc he was in charge of explaining the history of many secondary individuals that would be relevant for the development of subplots, but at no time did he provide details about a figure as important as that of Eustass Kid.

The surprise jumped with the arrival of the SBS number 104 of One Piece, a special section that is included in the compilation volumes of the manga and in which Oda answers questions from fans. The data that is revealed there usually provides really interesting information about the lore of the work, but what nobody expected was that Kid’s past was told in this “secondary” space (something that has angered many).

Eustass Kid had a rough time on his home island

Below I will summarize the past of the Kid Pirates according to the leaks made by the user Artur- Library of Ohara:

  • Eustass Kid, Killer, Heat and Wire were born in one south sea island that it was not affiliated with the World Government and that it was ruled by an infamous criminal gang
  • This island was subdivided into four districts (each run by different local criminal groups), led by Kid, Killer, Heat and Wire respectively
  • The conflicts between these territories were constant, but still Kid and Killer had a deep friendship that began when they were children.
Kid with Killer, Wire and Heat
  • In a certain moment they both fell in love with a girl named Victoria Shirton Doruyanaika and they became an inseparable trio… until the young woman was murdered by the gang that ruled the island❗❗❗
  • Kid, full of rage and desires revengeunited the four districts under the same ideal and managed to give a successful coup with Killer, Wire and Heathis old rivals✅✅
  • After this Kid declared that “I didn’t want to live in such a confined world”so he decided to create a pirate band with his comrades-in-arms and sailed into the unknown with a boat that he named “Victoria Punk”, in honor of his first love💖

Once again, Eiichiro Oda prepared a tragic backstory for one of the most beloved characters by the One Piece fan community. Eustass Kid was a really important pirate about whom there was hardly any information, so any detail about his life is welcome. Do you think that with this story his motivations for becoming the King of the seas are much better appreciated?

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