The best anime of the 2000s

For fighting fans, manga are sure sources on this side. Indeed, many shōnens have characters created from scratch in special universes.

The shōnen

It is impossible to evoke the shōnens without evoking the often epic fights whether in anime or in manga in paper format.


Eichiro Oda has created a body of work that has spanned 20 years and appealed to manga fans of all ages and genders. The combat system has convinced everyone. Each confrontation is unique. Each individual fights with powers that frequently come from fruits magical, the fruits of the devil. They prevent swimming, but allow the wearer to possess unique powers that he will have to learn to master. Pirate Luffy is iconic. In his fictional universe, Oda establishes a world of pirates, these pirates all have one goal: the treasure of a man considered the greatest pirate. Gold D Roger causes, during his execution, the era of piracy, he encourages the whole world to find his mysterious treasure. This one is on the other side of the world.

Hunter X Hunter

Hunter X Hunter is undoubtedly one of the greatest frustration manga enthusiasts. The story written by Yoshihiro Togashi plunges the reader into a fictional universe.

What sets him apart from others is his combat system. The combat system is based on the noa kind of characteristic energy of the manga. This famous nen is divided into four main principles;

  • The ten, a reinforcement of the aura all around the body,
  • the zetsu, a restitution of the aura, the other users cannot feel the aura of a user of zetsu,
  • ren is an eruption of the aura,
  • the hatsu is a projection of the aura, this one can take different forms which depend on the personality of each one.

The nen also having apps advancementslike en or in, cause the fights to be played out on micro details that the author strives to explain.

This combat system is also the interest of the manga, in a way, since each confrontation is unique. The course therefore depends on what the author has chosen to do, as the different types of nen counter each other.

The seines

The seinens which are for adults necessarily favor violence and sometimes even show great violence which cannot be suitable for children.


Guts of Bersek

Berserk is a seinen type manga, complicated to read for young children. The atmosphere is very dark, scenes of violence are common, whether physical or mental. The fights are very violentthe author drawing excellently, all the details are visible.

Despite its violence and its hardness to read, a general consensus is granted to Berserk which is among the greatest classics of Japanese comics.

The story takes place in a universe inspired by medieval Europe, and we follow Guts, a solitary mercenary, as well as Griffith, the leader of the mercenary troop called “The Falcon Troop”. Guts fights using armor that makes him beastly, a sword that is iconic among enthusiasts of the work, since it is gigantic, and he is the only one to wear one like that in the manga. The author, unfortunately deceased, produced an unforgettable work. His fine line as well as his sense of detail have made comics a reference.