The best manga of 2022: The most outstanding stories of the entire year

Tired of seeing only anime in this section? Don’t worry, I’m here to bring a bit of culture with this list of manga

The sleeve has a very different way of working if we compare it with the anime. They are usually original stories, so since they do not have a previous base take longer to develop. It is common see stoppages in the publication, chapters that make little progress in the story or other events that cause a series to take years to start.

Yes, the anime is also released on a weekly basis. But Most anime are manga adaptations. or other means. This allows them to take that story and fit multiple chapters into a single episode, developing the story faster.

Why all this introduction? Because I’m going to cheat at the top. It’s not easy to find good manga every yearAlthough many start, few end. That is why also I will include sleeves that have been consolidated or have had a very striking 2022. For example: one piece has gone crazy with everything that has happened this yearAlthough the manga is from 1997, it could be justified that this has been one of the most important years of the work and put it in the top.

After all this much text, let’s start with the mangas

Best manga of 2022

we will go for categoriesto be able to give his little moment of glory to different stories.

Best One Shot of 2022

goodbye eri sleeves

This post goes to Mr. fujimoto you have published Goodbye Eri, a one shot that cannot be explained without being a spoiler. But let’s say at the start the protagonist shoots a strange movie but the story takes a turn very typical of Fujimoto’s style.

This One-Shot is endorsed by Miguel and Cristian, two of my anime colleagues. They have good taste to read little manga. 👍🏻

Best manga released in 2022

ruri dragon sleeves

For me (and for many people) it has been Ruri Dragona manga about ua dragon girl who discovers her condition while maintaining her normal life. But this story is paused indefinitely after 6 chapters. Even so, she has served to attract everyone’s attention.

Sleeves that have exploded in 2022

ron kamonohashi dandadan manga

Let’s talk about the two successes of this year:

  • dandadan: This thug story of aliens Y ghosts has reached its peak in this 2022. Although it was launched last year, this has been the year in which it has cconsolidated its group of protagonists and history.
  • The Forbidden Mystery of Ron Kamonohashi: This detective manga began in 2020, but its episodes had been mostly self-conclusive and without advancing the story. It has been this year that has changed everything, setting course for the final stretch of the story of Ron and Toto.

special mentions

Miguel’s manga

oshi no ko manga

oshi no ko. This manga was released in 2020 but still in post. I haven’t read this story, but seeing the synopsis made me want to. This story is about how a gynecologist who is a fan of a pregnant idol reincarnates as his patient’s son. Definitely an innovative story.

The most anticipated laps

chainsaw man hunter x hunter sleeves

This year htwo sleeves have been published again that we cannot forget: Hunter x Hunter has come out of hiatus and Chainsaw Man its second part has started.

the usual

one piece sleeves

one piece. Nothing to say. Well yes, a lot. From the end of the Wano Arc to all the revelations that have been published in the last few episodes. The Eiichiro Oda thing this year has been crazy.

my little fetish

kenta shinohara sleeves

kenta shinohara It has made me fall in love even more this year. I already knew and am up to date with witch watch, a manga about a demon (accompanied by a tengu, a werewolf and a vampire) who take care of the most powerful witch in the world. A very funny slice of life.

But I’m not here to talk about that Manga Plus has begun to re-edit Kanata no Astra, a manga about boys who get lost in space and have to go back home. After reading several chapters weekly I have gone to read it all since the manga is finished and it even has an anime. I highly recommend it as it is full of script twists and a sense of adventure.

Okay, you already have many manga to read so better stop recommending things. Better a few good recommendations than many and miss out on the best stories. Do you have any manga that you would like to recommend from this year? I read you in the comments.