The best One Piece games you can play right now on PC: celebrate the 25th anniversary of the manganime in a big way

one piecethe work of Eiichirō Oda, celebrates this year 25 years and the release of the recently announced One Piece Odyssey is a love letter to fans. Both the manga and the anime are still very much alive and fans of Oda’s work have no problem placing this license on a par with others like Naruto, or with more years behind them like the hegemonic Dragon Ball. If something characterizes these three works, it is his Shonen spirit, having been published in the magazine Shonen Jump and to have a good batch of video games to his credit so that fans can have so much fun in the audiovisual and interactive world.

Although One Piece is considered one of the best anime and manga, its adventures in the video game have not been very relevant. To his credit, Oda’s work has given birth to 31 games in 54 different versions and, unfortunately, both the West and the PC have not come out well in this distribution. Unfortunately we can only find a dozen games for this platform, but don’t despair as we have selected the best one piece games than play on PC.

One Piece: World Seeker

  • Where to find it? Steam
  • Genre: Open world action-adventure
  • Players: 1

Until the date of its release, the One Piece games had been characterized by one thing: action without much pretension, with an arrangement of 3d combat and an aesthetic that tried emulate the anime. However, that Beat ’em up action gave way in 2019 to a title open world quite interesting and that, without a doubt, became one of the favorites of the players.

In fact, a year later the legendary Dragon Ball saga tried to emulate that “freedom” of One Piece: World Seeker with dragon ball z kakarot. Ganbarion’s game with Eiichiro Oda at the head of the script was funny, frenetic, wide and with a spirit of adventure that married in a remarkable way with the manga.

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4

  • Where to find it? Steam
  • Genre: Action musou
  • Players: 2-4

Obviously, if we have mentioned One Piece: World Seeker before, it is time to return to the S stylehonor beat ’em up more classic with Pirate Warriors 4. If you know the Pirate Warriors sub-saga, this fourth installment will not be elusive to you, but the title of Omega Force, well-known developers of Dynasty Warriorsreinvented a formula that already seemed tired.

For every video game that comes out of an anime/manga, it’s hard to find its style, and it seems that this fourth installment did it. Pirate Warriors 4 did its best to cover much of the manga narrative arcs, and even the Japanese team took a chance with a little original story at the end. All this narrated with cinematics of the highest level and surprising action. have you played Dynasty Warriors? That is what you will have, a character and hundreds, maybe thousands, of enemies to decimate on a map where our objective will be conquer control points.

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3

  • Where to find it? Steam
  • Genre: Action musou
  • Players: 1-2

There are no two without three, and no four without three. Today, it is difficult to play the first two installments of Pirate Warriors because their launch was very restrained for the now deceased PlayStation 3 and PSVita, but Pirate Warriors 3 opted for a large, multiplatform launch that polished the details in which its second installment failed and paved the way for the ovation of the fourth.

Pirate Warriors 3 is very similar to its fourth installment, yes, but worse. Not in the literal sense, as a work from which we have to flee, but, obviously, the failures of the third party were corrected later, although this installment is remarkable without the wake of his older brother. The operation is similar: a musou with hundreds of enemies where we will not always be mashing buttons and it is that, as a good One Piece title, companions are important and from time to time we can summon them to wreak havoc among the enemy ranks.

One Piece: Burning Blood

  • Where to find it? Steam
  • Genre: Fight
  • Players: 1-6

A contemporary to the Pirate Warriors saga, but with Jump Force developers at the helm. One Piece: Burning Blood is what it is, a multiplayer and single player fighting title that sought to replicate the same as the rest of the fighting titles, but with pretty good hit.

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It’s not a bad game, in fact, among the list, it’s one of the best fighting games we can find, although if you’re looking for some freedom, it’s not your game. Burning Blood is a pretty tight game, with a esthetic cell shading who wants us to have a good time. There is not much difficulty in his proposal, although epic for a tube with well-defined maps and a good range of skills to surprise our opponents.

One Piece: Unlimited World Red

  • Where to find it? Steam
  • Genre: Action – Hack and Slash
  • Players: 1-2

The title that seemed like it would never come out on this platform. One Piece: Unlimited World Red saw a fairly restrained release in 2013 for the Nintendo 3DS in Japan only. One year was enough for its arrival on Sony consoles, and no less than 4 for its release on PC. Once again, Ganbarion appears on the list with a game that sat down the foundations from One Piece: World Seeker.

Unlimited World Red is the fourth game in the Unlimited series and the first and only game we’ve been able to enjoy on PC. Proposal? action in a semi-open world and with components RPG, not for nothing is the forerunner of the game that heads this list. Unlimited World Red’s action was divided into a combat mode, called Colosseum, and a narrative mode with a behind-the-scenes story, plenty of action, and the ability to play it on cooperative up to four players.

Jump Force

  • Where to find it? It can be played on Steam, but Its not for sale
  • Genre: Fight
  • Players: 1-2

We could almost say that it is the black sheep of the family, not only because of their opinions, but because of the fateful fate of this multiplayer. We know that it is not a One Piece game per se, but Luffy is part of the main group of this anime multiversesomething that came long before the spiderverse of Sony in the cinema. Spike Chunsoft’s intention was clear: to offer fans a guilty pleasure by pitting their favorite characters against each other for discover who is the most powerful.

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Jump Force stands under that idea, fighting 1 on 1 with all the characters from the Japanese Shonen Jump magazine such as Dragon Ball, Bleach, Yu-Gi-Oh! o JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure in random scenarios and with impeccable visuals under Unreal Engine 4 completely away from aesthetics cell shading and cartoon typical in this type of games. Total, 57 characters to enjoy handing out thumps that, whatever they say, was the guilty pleasure of many players, and rightly so.

However, the fate of this game has not been what Bandai would like and that is why we want to make a clarification. Although the game can be played on PC and bought in physical format, activating the key that comes there, the game has stopped selling on Steam and its online services will close on August 25although it can be followed playing offline.