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Little by little, Netflix is ​​becoming the new home of one piece. Not only will the live action adaptation be exclusive to this platform, but one of the best movies of this anime will be available to all users in just a couple of weeks.

Recently, it has been revealed that starting next April 15all Netflix users will have the opportunity to enjoy one piece film z, the twelfth film of this anime, which is considered by many to be the best feature film of Eiichirō Oda’s work. This is his description:

“When the Straw Hat Pirates rescue a drowning man, they have no idea what kind of evil they just got on board! The mysterious stranger turns out to be former Marine Admiral Zephyr: a madman with a deadly right arm named Battle Smasher. This pain-crazed harbinger of doom is hell-bent on destroying the New World, and all the pirates in it!”

One Piece Film Z It hit theaters in Japan in 2012, and this time Oda was heavily involved in the production. To this day, the community has pointed out that this is the best movie of one piece, mainly thanks to the action scenes. At the moment there is only talk of its arrival on Netflix in the United States, although it is very likely that this will also be the case in multiple regions.

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Editor’s note:

One Piece Film Z yes it is one of the best anime movies. It is extremely entertaining, full of action, and the feeling of being just filler is not so present. The tape should be seen by all fans of the series.

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The best One Piece movie will arrive on

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