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May 5 marks the anniversary of Monkey D. Luffythe best-selling manga protagonist of all time, A piece. Like every year, fans around the world gathered to celebrate future Pirate King Luffy’s birthday, sharing their love for the character on social media.

Eiichiro Oda, the creator of A piece, has assigned birthdays to the majority of its characters, mostly due to requests from fans who want to know all about their beloved heroes. In Japan, May 5 is a public holiday called Children’s Day, a celebration that dates back over a thousand years and is used to express respect for children’s personalities and wish them happiness. It’s only fitting that Oda chose this birthday as Luffy’s birthday, as his character captured the imaginations of hundreds of thousands of children, bringing happiness into their lives.

The best way to celebrate a birthday is to eat a delicious cake, of course, and fans of A piece can now buy an official one that looks exactly like the Gomu Gomu no mi Devil Fruit eaten by Luffy, like this one shared on Twitter by Eiichiro Oda’s official account. Of course, true fans know that this Devil Fruit was actually hiding a big secret, recently revealed in the manga.

One of the best Luffy tributes this year came from Netflix, where the A piece the live-action series will debut soon. Through the show’s official account, the actor who will play Luffy, Iñaki Godoy, shared a beautiful message, asking fans to post a video explaining what their dreams are. The Straw Hat Captain dreams of becoming the Pirate King, and his determination and commitment have surely inspired fans around the world to achieve their own dreams.

Another “official” tribute came from the Toei Animation account, which shared a photo of a smiling Luffy from the recently aired anime’s acclaimed Episode 1015. This episode adapts this historic 1,000th manga chapter, in which Luffy takes a stand against the two Yonkos, Kaido and Big Mom, boldly declaring that he will surpass them both and fulfill his dream of being the next Pirate King.

Another great tribute was shared by the official One Piece Twitter account, with a video accompanied by a message from Luffy’s Japanese voice actress, the talented Mayumi Tanaka.

Besides the official sources, however, it is also very inspiring to see the tributes that fans around the world have wanted to pay to their beloved Luffy. Searching for #luffysbrithday or #luffyweek2022 on Twitter yields some beautiful fan art, like the ones below (all credits go to the authors).

It’s just amazing to see that there are fans of A piece who weren’t even born when the manga debuted in 1997, but who celebrate Luffyaround the world because they feel they are part of a great and growing community.

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