The best Pokémon of the fifth generation (Unova)

These are the Pokémon that dominated the competitive during the fifth generation.

Pokémon Black and White brought various changes to competitive

Although we have been able to see that in the past the fourth generation laid the foundations of competitive Pokémonin the leap that the saga made to the fifth with the arrival of Teselia it has been possible to see that it ended up consolidating, thereby giving rise to all that came afterwards were new mechanics, such as Mega Evolution, Z Moves, Dynamax and the recent Teracrystallization. And this is because, just as the competitive one was in the fifth generation it was already perfect.

However, as is often the case, there are always Pokémon that stand out more than others, thereby giving rise to the addition of 156 new species brought with it the fact that many of these came to destroy it in the combats, thus achieving create an Olympus of beasts that they were capable of everything.

Discover the best Pokémon in the competitive of the fifth generation

Of course, if in general I have chosen to make this top mentioning some honorable mentions, the truth is that in this case, these are too manysince on the one hand we have the Legendary Pokémon, which are left out of the top so as not to monopolize it, on Terrakion, Thundurus, Landorus and Tornaduswhile with the pseudolegendaries Tyranitar, Salamence, Dragonite, Garchomp and Metagross they earned their spot. At the same time, common Pokémon that stood out were also Jellicent, Conkeldurr, Kingdra, Haxorus, Venusaur, Chansey, Blazikenamong many others.

And this is because the fifth generation introduced Hidden Abilities, a second or third category of these characteristics of Pokémon that were generally much better than the base ones due to the difficulty in obtaining Pokémon like this. Be that as it may, having mentioned all these cases, it is time to talk about the best pokemon of the fifth generation.


Pokemon Ninetales

Ninetales is a Pokémon from the first generation.

To begin with, and as we saw with the best pokemon of the third generationgiving a competent ability to any Pokémon usually means that it start to stand out a lotbeing so that in the fifth generation a phenomenon occurred that has rarely been seen in the saga, since all teams chose to bring weather Pokémon mostly, this being something that is manifested with Ninetales.

And it is that, after all, we can only point out the fact that Ninetales had good statisticsbut it was by obtaining Drought as a Hidden Ability that it ended up standing out above many other Pokémon, leading to this start the fight with him and this was followed by Pokémon with Chlorophyll or that benefited from the sun to attack. And it must be said that in this generation these climates were eternalso if you kept Ninetales with some health, you could have full control of the fight.


Politoed Pokemon

Politoed got Drizzle as a Hidden Ability in the fifth generation

The same thing happens to Politoed as to Ninetales, only that being this much better pokemon. For starters, Ninetales is not that defensive, this being something that Politoed can better exploit thanks to Rest and other support movements as Canto Mortal or Otra Vez, being so that it can be achieved that be much more durable.

However, something that gives Politoed extra points is the fact that Trap Rocks do not take a quarter of your health just by entering combat, while in the case of Politoed we can see that It is the best weather pokemon of the generation, giving rise to it being capable of anything, especially if the next Pokémon accompanies it.


The best Pokémon of the fifth generation (Unova)

Ferrothorn has a unique type combination

To be clear, the Grass type has always had difficulty standing outthus giving rise to the large number of weaknesses that the Pokémon of this category have causes that don’t be so decent. However, if you combine it with Steel, you get Ferrothornone of the best Pokémon of Black and White.

And not for nothing can you see that Ferrothorn is one of the most defensive Pokémon and at the same time harmful, since it is capable of gradually weakening the opponent with Steel Spike, Spikes, Trap Rock, Jagged Hull, Drains, Wreckage, whereas even its Spin Ball movement is a danger, since it is so slow that it usually does a lot of damage. And if its 4x weakness to fire is a problem, count on Politoed’s rain to put an end to it.


Hydreigon Pokémon

Hydreigon is the pseudo-legendary of the fifth generation

Game Freak has picked up the habit for 4 generations in make the pseudo-legendary of each generation a killing machine, this being something that would no longer be seen until the seventh. And in that sense, Hydreigon is an almost perfect Pokémonwith a wide variety of movements that make its only weaknesses are those that the player himself decides.

In fact, we are talking about the only pseudo-legendary that specializes in Special Attack, which carries with it the fact that Draco’s Comet in this era deals lethal damage to most Pokémon except the Steel-type. And yet, for these may respond with Flamethrower, Earthquake or Living Earth. By far one of the best Pokémon ever made that sadly fell to rock bottom due to the arrival of the Fairies, but has shown its potential once again in the ninth generation. But that’s something we’ll talk about in the future.


The best Pokémon of the fifth generation (Unova)

Excadrill is one of the best Pokémon of the fifth generation

The absolute king of the fifth generation in the absence of putting Landorus and Thundurus in the top. And, as is often the case, one Skill can do everythingthus giving rise to the fact that with Ímpetu Arena Excadrill to be able to double its already high Speedwhich means that it will be able to attack first in most cases.

However, this does not come alone, since the fact that it can learn Sword Dance, Earthquake and Avalanche causes us to be facing an extremely strong and fast Pokémon that can sweep entire teams even in doubles, thereby giving rise to the fact that, as happened with Garchomp in the Fourth generationwe can see that Excadrill was banned by Smogon.

By far a very competent Pokémon to which must be added the fact that its types give it, on the other hand, a large amount of defenses, as well as is immune to Poison and Electric. One of the best Pokémon ever made even without being pseudo-legendary.