The cheapest PS5 DualSense controller is available on Amazon

The Gift edition of the cheapest PS5 DualSense controller returns to Amazon.

Thinking about the Christmas presents, you still have time to buy a detail for your family and friends. There is still a lack of stock of the playstation 5 console and some accessories, but the DualSense remote cheaper It is back in stock on Amazon. You can buy the PS5 controller for only 69.90 euros, an edition that includes a gift box. If not, the rest of the DualSense models exceed 70 and 80 euros because there are many different colors: purple, pink, blue, even black.

It’s hard to find the DualSense controller with a so low price, with exceptions. So it’s a good chance to get a additional command for your brand new console. With a second controller it is possible to play video games with local multiplayer like the latest Rayman, It Takes Two or split screen racing simulators. Remember that the PS5 controller has Unique features so that the experience is more immersive than ever. This is a Gift edition that has a small 3% discount and it can become the best gift for this Christmas.

DualSense PS5 Controller Gift Edition

DualSense PS5 Controller

The Gift edition of the PS5 DualSense controller costs only 69.90 euros


The PS5 Dualsense controller has unique features

For a little more, it is also available remote without Gift box. The DualSense has established itself as the best controller in history because it proposes a different way to play. For one, it has haptic feedback with two triggers that replace traditional vibration motors. This makes the command react to what happens on screen sending vibrations to the player and simulating all kinds of sensations.

But the real novelty has been the adaptive triggers that manage to transmit different levels of resistance. This means that the player can feel the tension of an arc, the force exerted by a lever or the brakes of a car. Thus the control offers sensations that can be felt in the hands when interact with different elements of the environment.

DualSense PS5 Controller Gift Edition

DualSense PS5 Controller

The DualSense too ergonomics has improved from the previous PS4 controller. Now it is much more comfortable and has an integrated microphone. The Gift edition of the DualSense controller for PS5 costs only 69.90 euro on Amazon which is normally out of stock. Take advantage of this offer to get an additional controller totaly new.

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