The Conqueror’s 5 Best Haki Demonstrations Yet!

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With the new Egghead Island arc well underway after the long run of the Wano arc, fans can finally see some action from the characters in the story who have yet to show their abilities. While there’s still plenty to see from the mysterious characters, the Conqueror’s Haki displays have reached an all-time high, leaving many debating power levels once again.

Being given that the story enters what Eiichiro Oda calls the final sagathe main and most popular character of the series, Monkey D. Luffy, is among those who flaunt their “royal ambitions”, but it does not come without other characters who many consider to be the strongest in the world of One Piece.

Shanks VS. Whitebeard (Chapter 434)

Before One Piece’s time jump, one of the most impressive and shocking displays of Conqueror’s Haki was the clash between Shanks and Whitebeard. While it wasn’t clear at the time that the clash was based on the duo’s Conqueror Haki, Wano recently helped clarify this by showing two sequences that involve the same sky-splitting scenario, but which now clearly show Conqueror Haki infused attacks.

At the time, it was a big deal for fans because it was not only the first time fans finally saw Shanks and Whitebeard make a move, but it was also arguably the best show of strength. Today, that’s even more important for Shanks, and recent displays of strength in the current phase of the story suggest he could be stronger than his former captain, Gol D. Roger.

Roger VS. Whitebeard (Chapter 966)

roger-vs-whitebeard one piece

As for Gol D. Roger, it was in Wano that fans got to see the former Pirate King in action for the first time. By eliminating Kozuki Oden, then taking on a top-notch Whitebeard thanks to Conqueror’s Haki Infusion, he left more than one in shock. Given the lack of knowledge and information about Haki at the time, since the Straw Hats knew nothing about it, especially the Conqueror’s, the clash between Shanks and Whitebeard was surpassed by this one- this.

Not only because Roger was one of the most anticipated characters by fans, but also because Wano was a time when Haki was fully developed. This clash between the two strongest pirates of the previous era set a precedent for characters who were supposed to be among the series’ top tier in terms of strength and seems to be a trend for encounters between the strongest characters. strong.

Luffy VS. Kaido (Chapter 1026)

kaido luffy one piece

If we considers Monkey D. Luffy’s progression from the very first arc, the blistering clash with Kaido is the best of all. Going from a weaker but tough and confident pirate to a pirate who bested one of the strongest characters in the series, this clash was the first sign that Luffy was entering series-ending territory. While the fight against Kaido ended in multiple defeats, each time he got back up, Kaido found himself in the battle of his life.

This Sharing the Sky also allowed Mink allies to undergo their Sulong transformation, thus speeding up the success rate of the raid, which was very tense. While the ability to defeat Kaido came from the Gear 5 transformation, the Bajrang Gun’s final attack included the Conqueror’s Haki infusion, which came from discovering Luffy earlier in their fight.

Shanks Scares Greenbull (Chapter 1055)

greenbull one piece

There most impressive display of Conqueror’s Haki took place in the final chapters of Wano. As Greenbull aggressively tried to spoil Wano’s parade, Shanks appeared and seemingly let out sparks of Conqueror Haki from an impossibly far distance, which stopped Greenbull in its tracks. Considering that Greenbull is an admiral comparable to Akainu, Fujitora and Kizaru, now part of the Blackbeard Pirates, we can deduce that Shanks is someone not to be reckoned with

Chapter 1079 ending the existence of Eustass Kid by Shanks, just like Roger did for Oden, only strengthens Shanks’ position in the Power Levels discussion and makes his threat to Greenbull much greater. Such streaks left fans wondering what would happen once Shanks was able to unleash a full-fledged clash, which of course would involve Conqueror’s Haki.

Garp’s Fist (Chapter 1080)

monkey d garp one piece

Arguably the biggest and most impressive attack in all of One Piece is Monkey D. Garp’s “Galaxy Impact” Conqueror’s Haki attack. on Hachinosu. In all previous infused attack presentations, no character has managed to do what Garp did at such a great distance and attack scale. This attack looks a lot like his grandson’s Bajrang Gun, but it’s arguably on the same scale, if not more impressive, since it’s purely Haki-based.

Considering the rivalry between Garp and Gol D. Roger years before, it’s no surprise that Garp’s fighting abilities were so developed, but it left fans in awe. once again debates how strong he must have been in his prime.