The creator of One Piece confesses that he never expected his work to last so long

It seems that even he is surprised that he will reach the end…

Like few works in history, One Piece has broken the barrier of 100 volumes, something that not even the author himself expected. If you have closely followed the start of the final phase, you will know that each of the pieces that have been shaped in these little more than 20 years are taking their place. If this has surprised you, it’s not your thing, it turns out that not even its own author can believe that this has finally happened.

When asked in a recent interview what the secret was to maintaining a 100+ volume serialization, Oda replied, “To begin with, not that my intention was to exceed 100 volumesGoing deeper into this, Oda later explained that while he wanted to end the series, there was still more material he wanted to add as well: “I always wanted to end the series. That said, I also think about how there’s so much I still want or need to draw.” Unfortunately for the big fans of his, in this same interview, Oda confirmed that this is the final saga.

One Piece’s long-running series is now gearing up for the series’ grand finale, and the creator has been setting the stage with some new pieces. very important puzzle after the events of the Wano arc. It’s become clear in the returning chapters that the final saga really is meant to be the end, but there’s still no way to gauge how long the series will last before it’s all over for good.


One Piece has finally crossed the 100 volume mark, a milestone rarely reached by a manga work. Something that not even its own author expected.

This information from the creator of One Piece came as he is reflecting on the manga heading into the final saga of the series, and he opened up about how they never planned for the series to be over 100 volumes. Eiichiro Oda recently returned from a hiatus over the summer in which he was preparing to launch the final saga of the long-running series overall. With the manga celebrating its 25th anniversary in the pages of Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, Oda has been opening up about the journey so far and how much longer it could be before it all comes to an end..

This special interview between One Piece series creator Eiichiro Oda and Detective Conan series creator Gosho Aoyama, took place as part of a collaboration between Shueisha and Shogakukan to celebrate the massive franchises, the two creators opened up about both passing the 100th volume milestone. As Oda explains, there’s really no secret, as it wasn’t like there was a plan laid out to illustrate so much material. He has so much more that he just wants or needs to add to the series before it can come to an end.

One Piece getting closer to its end

Not only do fans need to see Luffy progress as one of the new Four Emperors, but there are so many things happening outside of Wano that need to be explored with this final saga. Oda himself noted how he hopes to finish the series in three years., but there’s still so much left to explore that it’s a wonder whether or not it will live up to that prediction. But what do you think of the new Four Emperors lineup?

one piece buggy

One Piece’s final arc is surprising its fans, even with the announcement of Buggy as a new yonko.

One Piece has officially returned for the final saga of the long-running manga franchise, and the series showcases the new Four Emperors lineup with a special new cover for the latest chapter. Eiichiro Oda took a break for the last month to prepare for the final saga of the series. (along with celebrating the milestone 25th anniversary of the franchise as a whole), and one of the major cliffhangers fans had been cooking for. during the summer was the fact that a new group of emperors had been appointed after the fight with Kaido and Big Mom. As the imminent end draws closer, many of these doubts may be resolved as they have been.