The creator of One Piece expects a special part of the end of Wano

The War For Wano is watching Luffy and Kaido face off for what could be their final battle, and the creator of One Piece, Eiichiro Oda, is promoting a “special moment” that will take place before the Straw Hats leave the isolated nation they have been around for so long.

With Oda having hinted in the past that will end the popular Shonen series in the next five yearsIt’s clear that the ending of this arc will have big implications for the finale of the series as a whole.

In addition to hinting at the future of his series, Jump Festa also allowed Eiichiro Oda to share a number of new details about the upcoming film that is currently titled One-Piece: Film Red. Let’s remember that Luffy belongs to one of the most popular manga series. sold since 2008.

What is the movie One-Piece Red about?

Film Red, which is still full of mystery, will apparently have a much bigger role for Shanks, Luffy’s former mentor who hasn’t played a major role in the series for quite some time.

Although Luffy’s fans wonder when they can expect the film to arrive, Oda’s plate is certainly filled with not only this and the main manga series, but he is also serving as an executive producer for the upcoming live-action Netflix adaptation. .

At Jump Festa 2022, Oda had this to say regarding War For Wano, and a certain moment the mangaka has been looking forward to exploring for some time: “I’m surprised the Wano Arc isn’t over yet!”

“I was really looking forward to drawing ‘that’ final scene from the Wano Arc!”

With the recent events of the war rumbling within Wano as Sanji and Zoro take down their respective enemies in the Beast Pirates, it appears that both Luffy and Kaido, the respective captains of the Straw Hats and Beast Pirates, are at the end of. their ropes as they attempt to change the fate of the isolated nation.

Regardless of who wins, the fight is sure to change the Grand Line landscape forever. Previously in The Truth News We report that One Piece finally reveals King’s face and story.

When is One Piece going to end?

One Piece Zoro Luffy Eiichiro Oda

Image: Fan Art of Luffy and Zoro in the War For Wano Arc

Creator Eiichiro Oda shared that the Straw Hat Pirates manga has approximately 5 years left before reaching its end. While we wait for the last chapter, we remind you that you can read the One Piece manga from the MANGA Plus application from Shueisha publishing house.

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