The creator of One Piece made alternative designs of his characters that you probably have not seen

It’s no wonder that in the Straw Hat family, Luffy is the gluttonous son!

The maritime adventures of Luffy and his companions in the world of One Piece are very exciting, especially when it comes to loyalty between their protagonists. Several of the scenes in this manga and anime are full of emotional moments, tough battles, and challenges to overcome. However, in regards to this work, One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda loves to give himself some creative liberties by granting his readers some of the most extravagant requests in the corners of SBS, which in fact, can be found in each published volume. One such request prompted Oda to draw the members of the Straw Hat Pirates as a (kind of) traditional family.and the result of the illustration is hilarious.

Where did this original One Piece illustration come from?

The SBS (Shitsumon or Boshū Suru, “I accept questions”) is a question and answer section that appears in each volume of One Piece (and that has been made from number 4). Oda uses it to answer fan letters on everything from simple concerns to revealing details about the characters that haven’t been fully explained in the manga. The information provided in this section is usually considered part of the official canon, and a few times the fans themselves give suggestions, being the case of the date of birth of certain characters and even their favorite foods. Oda is constantly receiving requests to draw one or more of the fandom’s favorite characters in a specific way; or as we have seen before, the series of the Straw Hat Pirates, the Shichibukai and the Eleven Supernovas, who change gender.

For this reason, it is not surprising that the mangaka agrees to the wildest wishes of the fan community, who have been aware of whether their requests have been considered by Oda, since it is a quite enjoyable and fun tradition.

Regarding these curious assignments, in the SBS of volume 48, one of the fans asked what role each of the Straw Hat Pirates would have if they formed a traditional family. In Oda’s reply, the papers were as follows: Franky was the father, Robin the mother, Zoro the eldest son, Sanji the second son, Usopp the second, Luffy the fourth, Chopper the youngest son, and Nami the daughter..

At that time, Brook had not yet been featured in the manga, so it was in volume 50 that Oda added him to the list, also including a chibi-style drawing (very stylized, although certainly deformed), which also modified some of the roles and added a nice touch of comedy and additional information for each character.

The graceful representation of Usopp as a mother could give you a scolding is a very clever detail, as well as the personification of Zoro as a rigid and traditional father who holds bushido in high regard. Frankieon the other hand, is shown like a stereotype of Japanese punkwith the classic “bang perm” hairstyle so popular between the 70s and 90s among the yakuza and bōsōzoku (members of motorcycle gangs), for this reason, in the illustration he is sitting in a squatting position , yanki Zuwari, considered transgressive by Japanese standards. Brook is now some kind of pervert grandpalike Burozou, and maintains a fixation on women’s panties, while Sanji is a model player in soccerthanks to his prowess with kicks. Chopper has become the family pet, something like a cat with antlers, who loves winter (since Japanese cats enjoy curling up under the kotatsu, a heated table used during the cold months). Finally, Luffy is the youngest sonand being “picky of the lunch lady” makes a lot of sense to him, considering how gluttonous he usually is, especially when it comes to his favorite food: meat.

If you’re a manga reader, maybe you should never skip the SBS section of One Piece volumes. In addition to offering a lot of previously unpublished information about the world of the manga and its characters, they often include fun illustrations like this depiction of the Straw Hats as a family. One more example of Eiichiro Oda’s sense of humor and his great creativity.

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