The creators of “One Piece” and “Detective Conan” meet in a historic interview

“One Piece” and “Detective Conan”two of the most important Japanese franchises that have been conquering fans for decades, have shared great milestones in recent years.

Both have already surpassed the impressive number of 1,000 chapters published in their respective manga and have accumulated more than 100 compilation volumes, while their anime adaptations managed to pass the goal of 1,000 broadcast episodes.

Now, the legendary creators of these iconic works will sit down for a historic interview, marking a surprise collaboration between two rival publications.

Eiichiro Odacreator of “One Piece”, and Goshō Aoyamaauthor of “Detective Conan”, sat down to talk in an interview that will be presented in two parts in the magazines where their respective works are serialized in Japan.

The first part of the conversation will be published next July 25 on the Weekly Shōnen Jumpfrom the publisher Shueisha; while the second part of the interview will come out on July 27th on the Weekly Shōnen Sundayof Shogakukan.

For this special occasion, a video was published that brings together some of the most famous scenes from both manga, anticipating the conversation between Oda and Oayama with a phrase that encompasses both franchises.

“The truth is always a treasure”.

This is an important meeting, as it will be the first time that both authors meet in personbeing a unique opportunity to find out their opinions about their respective works, their ways of working, the impact their stories have had and the fact that, more than two decades after their original publication, they are still very relevant.

Aoyama started publishing his little detective work in 1994, while Oda started the “Monkey D. Luffy” journey in 1997.

While its long-running anime adaptations, which already have more than a thousand episodes broadcast each, arrived a few years later. “Detective Conan” jumped to animation in 1996 and “One Piece” did so in 1999, both having a large number of films and new projects to come.