The crucial choice that Sentomaru will have to make, we explain to you

After the abolition of the Shichibukai, with Akainu complaining of not having enough manpower, and the navies and the World Government collectively relying on the development of the Seraphim, it seems to us hard to believe that the obedience of Vegapunk, to the cause of the Straw Hats, may render the seraphim harmless.

We hope this is not the case, but nothing is certain yet. However, the moment Atlas handed command of the Seraphim to Sentomaruwe figured that was exactly how the Marines were going to take control of the Seraph and fully integrate them into their forces. Sentomaru is known as Vegapunk’s bodyguardit seemed to be enough close to Kizaru (of all) on Saboady, and he’s a Vice Admiral, so we reckon it’s not crazy to say he was appointed by the Marines to guard Vegapunk, rather than being chosen by Vegapunk himself- same. Additionally, as “Science Team Captain”, he has knowledge of how Seraphim work that the Marines or the World Government do not.

As to why Atlas trusts him so much, we don’t know, but if that turns out to be true, it would be very sloppy and inconsistent on Atlas’ part since the Vegapunks should know they’re already in the hot seat. with the World Government and should not be so lax especially in this situation. But it is true that the 6 vegapunks do not necessarily think the same thing since Shaka understood that they were not up to facing Lucci, but not Atlas.

All in all, we think Sentomaru was deliberately placed there in case something like this happened, so the World Government would have at least one scientist on their side on that island. Indeed, with the Straw Hats, the Seraph, and this militarized island, CPO should be swept away without difficulty, even without Luffy’s intervention, but that obvious result probably won’t happen because of Sentomaru. Therefore, we believe that the first order of betrayal would either be for the protective force field to be mysteriously disabled, giving Lucci a chance to ignore Luffy and go after Vegapunk directly, or for the Seraphim who had received the orders to target Lucci end up protecting him instead, giving Luffy a tougher opponent than Lucci.

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This confirms Sentomaru’s allegiance until more is known. Maybe Sentomaru is one of the Marines Vegapunk told Dragon that they could sympathize with, but we can’t be sure, since he deals with Kizaru. If his allegiance to the Navy is confirmed, it could match Kizaru’s Mark of Justice.