The design of the mugiwaras during the film One Piece RED revealed

Mugiwara design

As in each One Piece film, our traditional heroes have new designs for the occasion. Some are particularly appreciated, even today. This is the case of the outfits presented during the Stampede films or even Z. While the movie Red is supposed to hit theaters in August 2022in Japan, we can already have information on what the Mugiwaras crew members will look like.

Outfits that strangely recall the time of the corsairs who sailed the seas. Maybe a clue on the course of the film? Monkey D. Luffy seems to be getting closer and closer to Gol D. Roger with a big hat, cape and saber. Probably a wink following his last transformation, revealed during manga chapter 1044.

First information on Shanks?

This RED film will certainly be a huge hit. It might even exceed Jujutsu Kaisen’s record at the Japanese box office. The reason ? This film will center on Shanks Le Roux, one of the four emperors, and one of the most mysterious characters in the work. A meeting between Luffy and his mentor could even happen, to the delight of fans who have been waiting for this scene for 25 years.

For the moment, no other information has been revealed concerning the synopsis of the film or a release date in France. Fortunately, it will soon be possible to wait with the live-action series which will land on Netflix and which counts adapt the first 100 chapters of One Piece. And you, what are you most looking forward to? The series or the movie?